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Celestial Tear: Demon’s Revenge Now on Kickstarter

Developer White Guardian Studios has announced that its JRPG, Celestial Tear: Demon’s Revenge is now on Kickstarter.

Celestial Tear Demon’s Revenge Now on Kickstarter

Game Description:

Demon’s Revenge is an RPG set in a Sci-Fi fantasy world. You begin your journey on the planet Hasphal where prejudice seems to have torn the world apart since the beginning of time. Humans have proclaimed jehts, the native beings of Hasphal, disfigured, dangerous and unworthy of living on the same planet. They believed them to be monstrous creatures from Remerin (A hellish place). They decreed them to be demons and hunted them down in honor of their Gods. Join Sen as she finds herself thrust into the middle of conflict, discovering the mysteries about herself and the true history of Hasphal and its inhabitants. Everything is not what it appears to be as religion and life itself unfolds in this exciting adventure. Fight epic battles, turn based, fully animated system with environmental interaction. Explore our world and discover secret areas and puzzles. Experience the motion comic cut scenes that set the pace for this epic adventure.


  • Discover a world full of 2D pixel animations
  • Indulge in story and action through the exciting motion comic cut scenes
  • Use strategy and plan your party based on what they can do in a unique battle system. The environment could be your greatest weapon or your worst enemy. Cut down trees or throw pillars at your enemies to gain an advantage in battle.
  • Find secrets and explore as you uncover artifacts and quests to discover lore and other unique items
  • Explore the diverse world of Hasphal. Climb mountains or dive deep into oceans. Visit grand palaces, mystical forests and beautiful cities
  • Experience both the day and night system. As time goes by different creatures emerge. Players and enemies’ skills change depending on what time of the day it is. People go on about their daily lives as they react to the time of day, or day in a week.
  • Solve fun and engaging puzzles. Use individual tools and skills of each character to solve a variety of puzzles and obstacles. Jump over cliffs and slice down trees, what ever it takes to move your journey along.

Here are several screenshots:


Take a look at Demon’s Revenge Intro trailer, featuring the original story by Whitney and Tyrell White, as well as dynamic art by Ricky Gunawan and effects and animation by Chris Lewin with music by Don Sargent, voiced by our good friend Hypersonic:

So head on over to the Celestial Tear: Demon’s Revenge Kickstarter page and show them your support as well as play the demo.

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Source: Press Release and Official Website

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