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Physics-based Platformer Momentum Now on Kickstarter

In a press release sent to Gaming Cypher today, developer Projectile Entertainment (Kelly Harper and Isaac Harper) announced that their 3D physics-based platformer, Momentum, is now on Kickstarter.

Physics-based Platformer Momentum Now on Kickstarter

The developer is seeking a total of $11,500 from fans of physics-driven gameplay to complete work on the game. It’s a modest ask but also realistic: Momentum is actually close to the finish line development-wise.

With a large majority of “yes” votes, Momentum is 10% of the way toward the “Top 100” on Steam Greenlight and has been included in two collections so far. The Kickstarter campaign will end on Wednesday, Dec. 3 at 8:52 a.m. PST / 11:52 a.m. EST.


Momentum successfully balances challenging gameplay with a relaxing mood—thanks to a soothing, Zen-like electronic soundtrack. With “tracks” akin to a 3D rollercoaster and top-notch sphere animation/texturing, the goal is to race against the clock and maneuver a sphere to its destination—making use of gravity and momentum to navigate each course.


Kelly Harper, founder of Projectile Entertainment:

“Momentum is a paradoxical game in many ways. It can be quite difficult, but never unfair. It requires a gamepad for precise control, but it’s on PC, Mac and Linux (at least for now). It challenges players, yet it leads to a feeling of inner peace. We can’t wait to read everyone’s impressions after they play the demo!”

Take a look at the new screenshots below:


  • Manipulate labyrinths: Master gravity to guide your sphere to its destination.
  • Balance speed with caution: Race against the clock, but beware: The road ahead is treacherous.
  • Achieve a state of Zen: Let the music be your guide. Master the game, and master yourself.
  • Unlock unique skins: Customize your sphere with a variety of skins, including an awesome hamster ball.
  • Play your own way: Quick and dirty or carefully confident; it doesn’t matter as long as the sphere survives the journey. Use wit and skill to find the quickest paths while avoiding certain death.

Take a look at the official Momentum video below:

If you like what you see, then share this post and head on over to Momentum’s Kickstarter page and show your support.

Source: Press Release

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