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CHRONOLINK DX Time-Traveling Puzzle Game Now Available on Mobile

CHRONOLINK DX Time-Traveling Puzzle Game Now Available on Mobile

Go on a tour of history while solving satisfyingly complex puzzles in Chronolink DX – a charming puzzle game now available on the App Store and Google Play.

To travel forward in time, you must first understand the past!

Developed by Brazilian studio Give Me Five, Chronolink DX involves connecting cubes shaped like animals in as few moves as possible to progressively unlock historical eras. There are a total of eight eras in the game – each leading to ever more challenging puzzles. Learn new mechanics, meet endearing characters, and hum along to the mesmerizing soundtrack as you experience history from a whole new perspective.

CHRONOLINK DX Time-Traveling Puzzle Game Now Available on Mobile

Raphael Nunes (Founding Member, Give Me Five):

“Who doesn’t want to be taken on a tour of history? In Chronolink DX, we test players with increasingly challenging puzzles but also reward them with a healthy dose of history and culture. We wanted to create an experience that was both challenging and fun — featuring each era’s atmosphere through an engaging mix of puzzle mechanics, ‘hard to put down’ gameplay, and thematic music tracks.”

  • Explore 8 eras and 150+ levels, beginning with the prehistoric age
  • Navigate a beautiful, minimalist, flat-style map – including familiar (and striking!) architecture
  • Evolve and adapt your playstyle as new cubes appear – with more complex game mechanics to keep things interesting
  • Learn about important historical figures and animals
  • Immerse yourself in a rich soundtrack – including instruments and styles from each historical period
  • Play at your own pace: No ads or lives to distract you from solving puzzles!

Watch the Chronolink DX Mobile Trailer:

Chronolink DX is a premium game and can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play for only $0.99.

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