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Fave Streamers

Fave Streamers

Bit loves playing video games! He plays a variety of genre but does not tackle Sim or sports games. He lives in South East Asia and loves watching anime and some TV shows as well!

Why we love bitSoulX – bit is the NICEST streamer we have met. He always makes us laugh and viewing his stream is a joy. He is funny, chatty, and you will always feel welcome!

You can tune in here –









gokidtiger, or KT for short, describes herself as surly and girly! She is a casual gamer who plays on PC. KT mainly streams Genshin Impact, Animal Crossing & The Division 2. She also loves playing Apex Legends!

gokidtiger games to have FUN & does not take herself too seriously.

Why we love gokidtiger – KT is cool, calm, and collected – she is the deadliest and prettiest shooter of them all! Come relax and watch KT win battle after battle in shooters or design a new structure in Animal Crossing.

You can tune in here –




Hamooniii is one of those special individuals whose personality gleams! In his own words, “music selection is based not on genre, but the feels & emotions tied to the vibrations of each track. Movement, whether it’s your body or your soul is inevitable. Are you ready to Danse?”

Why we love Hamooniii – The minute you step into his stream, you will immediately get addicted. Not only is the music amazing, your spirit will be lifted and you’ll feel like you in a dance club.

You can tune in here –





koreansenpai_ is an amazing streamer from the Philippines who has a big interest in FPS (Rainbow Six Siege), RPGs, Story-driven games and others.

He is koreansenpai but you can also call him Mak.

Why we love koreansenpai_ – Mak is such a fun streamer! We enjoy his demeanor, the way he engages his followers and treats everyone like family. But what you didn’t know is that he sometimes sings during his streams!

You can tune in here –





Nimicry describes himself as Just Chatting/Education Streamer, IRL Engineer, Studying to become a Clinical Psychologist who says that sometimes Games are played and sometimes games play you!

Why we love Nimicry_ -We enjoy watching him play World of Warcraft and Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR). Come enjoy the stream and expect to laugh, interact with the viewers, and just have a great time!

You can tune in here –




Fave Streamers

StayAlive7 (real name Gio) describes himself as pretty laid back and loves to have a good time. He sings and is also looking into doing voice work.

Why we love StayAlive7 -This is truly one of the most engaging, fun streams that is filled with laughter and love. You can expect to jump in and immediately have fun and see why he has such a loyal following. Gio usually streams Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR) daily and Dead by Daylight on Fridays.

You can tune in here – StayAlive7 – Twitch




avacrown_ is an amazing DJ! She brings joy to her community with both German and English:

EDM, Techno, Hardstyle

For a GREAT time, fun and amazing music – tune here avacrown_




Fave Streamers

SwtoristaSwtorista describes herself as a fan of Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR) who has been playing since the launch of the game.

Why we love Swtorista – Not only is she engaging and knows her stuff, this lady is humble, genuine, and a joy to watch. If you ever have any question whatsoever about Star Wars: The Old Republic, Swtorista is the first source to go to.

You can tune in here –





Fave Streamers

KidLee describes himself as a small-town guy from Iowa who streams a variety of games on Twitch.

Why we love KidLee – We’ve been following KidLee for several years and enjoy his show, whether he plays WWE 2K, Cult of the Lamb, or any other game. Come watch and expect to be entertained, have fun, and have a real conversation about gaming.

You can tune in here –





Fave Streamers

wormvomitter, or Wormy, describes herself as a streamer of a lot of different games and considers herself as very indecisive as to what to play.

Why we love Wormy – Not only can Wormy kick some butt when it comes to playing Yakuza and other games, this girl can SING! Her karaoke sessions should be in a live competition. She is fun, real, and you can expect to enjoy each stream.

You can tune in here –