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Red Goddess: Inner World Review for PS4

This is our review for Red Goddess: Inner World by developer Yanim Studio.

Red Goddess: Inner World Review for PS4


Red Goddess: Inner World is an adventure game where you play as Divine in an epic journey that features mystical-fantasy storytelling in a universe filled with symbolism. The atmosphere is conveyed through an unique art style with beautiful graphics and immersive gameplay. Red Goddess lets players explore a non-linear map, and it emphasizes back-tracking with new moves and skills to access new areas, but combat, with its simple red and blue factions mechanic is where it truly shines to make Red Goddess a memorable gaming experience.

Red Goddess: Inner World Review for PS4


  • Exciting exploration is combined with puzzle-solving, combat and platforming that keeps Red Goddess very interesting and fun.
  • We really liked the storytelling aspect of the game. You’ll find clues and scenarios that will help guide you throughout.
  • The graphics are incredible and seem to pop off the screen. Great color schematics that keep you immersed visually.
  • Great sound effects throughout the game appear in line with each scene.
  • Divine has great abilities ranging from transforming into Rage and Fear to defeat either red or blue enemies as well as popping fireballs  to possess enemies.

Red Goddess: Inner World Review for PS4


  • Combat becomes a bit difficult once you are bombarded with enemies. It’s almost too difficult to get back up on your feet to defend yourself so it might be a bit frustrating having to restart a few times.
  •  Timed objects are not always in sync so you might get a bit frustrated waiting on one end to complete your objective while the timer is running.

Here is the Red Goddess PS4 gameplay video:

Overall, we’ve found Red Goddess: Inner World very rewarding and fun and would recommend it as a BUY.

We gave Red Goddess: Inner World a 4/5.

About Yanim Studio:

Yanim Studio Animation is historically a high-end character animation and visual effects studio. They have provided digital production services for computer games, commercials, music videos, animated series and films. Their work has been awarded several times for their compelling visuals and storytelling. The team is based in Spain (Valencia).

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