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World Conquest Strategy Game Legends of Callasia is Greenlit

World Conquest Strategy Game Legends of Callasia is Greenlit

Developer Boomzap Entertainment out of Souteast Asia has announced that Legends of Callasia, a simultaneous turn-based single and multiplayer fantasy world conquest strategy game for PC, Mac, and mobile tablets, has been successfully Greenlit on Steam.

The developer still needs your support on Kickstarter with only eight more days to go.  The feedback they are getting on the game has been pretty awesome. People who have picked up the PC/iOS Pre-beta have been binge-playing it in the Multiplayer mode, and they have been getting coverage from a lot of other reviewers and Youtubers like Alpha Beta Gamer, Cliqist, Death By Beta, PlayDusty, Down Time Distractions, and more. As well as twitch stream by FlyingDutchy91. They are also on IndieDB, Gamejolt, and indiegamestand.

The plan for Legends of Callasia is PC/Mac/iOS/Android, with full multi-platform multiplayer, and a persistent account between the various platforms. Boomzap has gotten OSX and Android set up over the holidays and will be releasing them soon in a new beta update once QA digs into them a little. And, because the community has shown an interest in it, we’re they are also working on a Linux version to be released later.

So head on over to Kickstarter before time runs out.

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