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Orca Studios Helps Protect Earth’s Oceans by Donating 5% of IAPs in FISH PARADISE to Great Barrier Reef Legacy

Orca Studios Helps Protect Earth’s Oceans by Donating 5% of IAPs in FISH PARADISE to Great Barrier Reef Legacy

Orca Studios and Great Barrier Reef Legacy (GBR Legacy) have announced a new partnership to fund a series of cutting-edge research projects – along with the purchase of the charity’s first vessel – through 5% of FISH PARADISE’s in-game purchases.

GBR Legacy will change the way the Great Barrier Reef is understood and protected by operating the reef’s only independent research vessel. With public, private and corporate funding, this vessel will be the Great Barrier Reef’s floating laboratory, interactive classroom, multimedia powerhouse, and an open platform for collaboration.


Rushad Govekar (Game Director, Orca Studios):

“Shipping Fish Paradise was the challenge of a lifetime, but we eventually made it. The team and I have learned so much since then. Thanks to player feedback, we were able to make very real improvements to the game – and we continue to do so day after day, month after month. The partnership with GBR Legacy couldn’t have come at a better time. We’re happy to help in any way we can!”

Dr. Dean Miller (Director of Science & Media, Great Barrier Reef Legacy):

“The Fish Paradise community is a welcome addition to our list of supporters here at GBR Legacy. Their support shows how unified gamers can be – and that their love of games can be a force of good for real world solutions, particularly on the Great Barrier Reef.”

Orca Studios Helps Protect Earth’s Oceans by Donating 5% of IAPs in FISH PARADISE to Great Barrier Reef Legacy

Fish Paradise features a beautiful underwater world where you can use your imagination and creativity to design a reef full of exotic fish and other captivating sea creatures. With more than 50 thousand downloads, Fish Paradise lets players decorate their aquariums with hundreds of coral, plants, structures, and more – and breed your fish to create more than 100 rare fish combinations.

Since launch, Orca Studios has frequently updated Fish Paradise to deliver a polished, stunningly beautiful aquarium simulation to players on both Android and iOS. Additional features and fresh content are included regularly at a breakneck pace. New reefs, corals, and breeding labs are just some of the game’s recent additions – along with daily login rewards, a community group chat, and even “mini creatures.” In recognition of the studio’s entrepreneurial spirit and high-quality work, Fish Paradise was awarded partial funding through the Assigned Production Investment Program (Victoria State Government and Film Victoria Australia).


  • Make a beautiful fish paradise: Create and design your very own underwater aquarium with more than 100 fish types and decorations to choose from
  • Become a master fish breeder: Collect, raise, and breed colorful exotic fish and sea creatures
  • Enjoy underwater fun for everyone: Play alongside friends, family, and the community by visiting and helping their reefs grow
  • Complete breeding challenges: Take part in multiple timed breeding challenges to earn special rewards such as exclusive sea creatures
  • Experience a vibrant underwater world: Enjoy a colorful, detailed, and fun two-dimensional paradise!

Watch the Fish Paradise Gameplay Trailer:

Fish Paradise can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play. The game is free and includes in-app purchases.

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