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“Albion Europe” Server Launched by Albion Online

A brand-new server for the Europe and MENA areas, called Albion Europe, was formally launched today for Sandbox Interactive’s fantasy sandbox massively multiplayer online game, Albion Online.

Along with Albion Asia and Albion Americas, the game’s two current servers, Albion Europe offers enhanced game timings and connection speeds specific to its area, allowing players to create an entirely new gameworld and economy.

Watch the official Albion Online Coming to Europe trailer HERE

"Albion Europe" Server Launched by Albion Online

Albion Europe provides:

  • Significantly better ping for players in the MENA and European regions
  • Game timers that are tailored for these time zones
  • A fresh version of the game with all players starting from scratch
  • A completely separate game world from the existing servers

Until June 3rd, Albion Europe Founder Packs will be on sale. These packs include Gold, Premium, and a variety of unique vanity skins in both Light and Dark themes.

To commemorate the server’s release, Austrian power metal band Dragony and Sandbox Interactive collaborated on a brand-new song. “The Untold Story” encapsulates the essence of Albion Online—the excitement of creating your own narrative and the spirit of adventure. Watch the music video HERE

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