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AMONG THE ASTEROIDS by 2Scars Games Coming to Android Aug. 28

AMONG THE ASTEROIDS by 2Scars Games Coming to Android Aug. 28

Developer 2Scars Games announced that Among the Asteroids, their free-to-play 2D space arcade game with puzzle elements for Android, will be releasing on Google Play on August 28, 2016.

In Among the Asteroids you play as a nice alien pilot, Lunny. You control a small spaceship orbiting celestial bodies. On tap the spaceship breaks away from the celestial’s body orbit and flies forward until it snaps to the other orbit or crashes. So, you have to choose the right moment to tap and it causes adrenaline rush :). On each level player has to collect a predetermined amount of space ship’s parts by moving from one celestial body to another one. To get the best score player has to find optimal bypass of celestial bodies.

Among the Asteroids Key Features:

  • It keeps you tense
  • It makes you think
  • 4 different game modes
  • 48 levels
  • Endless survival mode
  • Endless tappy mode
  • Various types of celestial bodies and natural events that make different influence on spaceship’s flight
  • Lots  of useful abilities
  • Nice comics that tell the story of the main hero
  • Beautiful soundtracks for all game modes
  • Googleplay leaderboards and achievements


Here is the official Among The Asteroids Video:

Among the Asteroids will be available for Android on Google Play on August 28, 2016.

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