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April Update 13.3 Brings American Warship Wisconsin to World of Warships

In the Dockyard, an actual naval ship museum, Wargaming, the publisher and creator of the top naval combat massively multiplayer online game World of Warships, is creating the environment for the building of the historic American battleship Wisconsin. A special Event Pass featuring two 20-level advancement lines in honor of the Japanese Golden Week holidays, as well as the return of the beloved Asymmetric Battles, are included with this new shipbuilding procedure!

Check out the World of Warships Wisconsin trailer HERE

April Update 13.3 Brings American Warship Wisconsin to World of Warships

West Virginia and Wisconsin in 1944 at the Dockyard

The American Tier X warship Wisconsin in the Dockyard leads April’s content update. She is the ideal vessel for action-packed gaming because of her great speed and camouflage, as well as her nine accurate 406mm main battery cannons spread across three turrets. Wisconsin is equipped with specialty combat instructions, which reduce the preparation and reload time for consumables as well as the main battery gun reload time, to lessen the chance of damage from the ship’s inferior armour.

Players must finish 30 stages of the shipbuilding process—28 of which can be finished by completing combat missions in the Dockyard—in order to unlock Wisconsin. Players will also receive West Virginia 1944, another American battleship, as a reward throughout the journey.

World of Warships is proud to sponsor the entry tickets for all veterans and service members visiting Nauticus in April. These efforts help support the ongoing efforts to restore the turret of the real USS Wisconsin, a naval ship museum visible in Norfolk, Virginia. Several in-game bundles will also be available for purchase, with 100% of the proceeds going to The Nauticus Foundation.

Enjoy the Holidays of Japanese Golden Week

A brand-new Event Pass has lowered its anchor in Warships’ waters to honor the Golden Week holidays that will be celebrated in Japan at the beginning of May. It offers players new rewards to discover and relish. The game is divided into two 20-level progression lines, and players can find a variety of goodies like Golden tokens and signal containers.

Rewards for completing both advancement lines include four distinct camouflages, a permanent bonus package for Tier VII ships, and two distinct Commanders: Ashikaga Teru from Japan and Andrei Teodorescu from Romania, each of whom have six skill points. During this update, gamers can experience a unique destruction animation through a brand-new camouflage, as part of extra celebrations.

Asymmetric Wars Emerge From The Dark Again

Fans of player-versus-player action will find even more furious naval fights in the return of Asymmetric fights. Players can return to the fight as they battle an armada of twelve bots from April 11 to May 16. Players can choose from Tier VI-X ships of any sort, creating fleets of five in the goal of naval dominance, using the same rules as previous Asymmetric Battles.

In addition, the April update maintains Commonwealth cruisers’ Early Access, which will end in version 13.4 when they can be researched in the Tech Tree. Additionally, from April 22 to April 29, three new Brawls will be accessible in a nine-against-nine style for Tier X battleships, destroyers, and cruisers.

For the full patch notes, visit HERE

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