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Arena Breakout: Infinite Immersive Military Simulation Shooter Heading to PC/Steam in May

Based on the critically acclaimed, ultra-realistic, immersive military simulation series, MoreFun Studios, a global game developer and Tencent Games subsidiary, today announced that Arena Breakout: Infinite will launch shortly on Steam and the game’s official website. With unmatched weapon customization and realistic combat, Infinite promises to be the most graphically stunning and engaging first-person shooter game that isn’t in eternal alpha development. Get your feet wet in a brand-new, high-stakes arena without any obligations.

Arena Breakout: Infinite Immersive Military Simulation Shooter Heading to PC/Steam in May

Register for Arena Breakout: Infinite’s early May closed beta test at Be aware that in order to be added to the whitelist for the beta, you must register.

Enter the Dark Zone in Arena Breakout: Infinite to become the most deadly soldier of fortune known to man. Enter the war-torn Kamona region as a highly competent military operative, where high stakes equal big profits. Press the trigger, duck under cover, and proceed. Enter combat arenas to steal valuable things and make a lot of money, but be ready to battle for your life.

  • Uncompromised Immersion: – Enter the Dark Zone and investigate battle zones that have been given extraordinary attention to detail, including 360-degree spatial sound effects and real-time lighting. Experience each trigger’s pull with a level of realism never before seen before. No other PC first-person shooter compares to the intensity and exhilaration of Arena Breakout: Infinite.
  • Ultra-Realistic Military Simulation: An easy pay day does not exist in Infinite. You can survive complex, tactical, and detailed firefights by personalizing each and every weapon detail with over 500 accessories. To optimize rifle accuracy, firing stability, and effective range, make adjustments to the stocks, sight placement, custom barrels, muzzle brakes, and other components. Stim packs and battlefield medical kits can be used to treat battle wounds and enable continued movement. A slight edge can make all the difference between a wealthy and a dead person.
  • Long-Term Community Support: Fair competitive play will always be promoted and strictly enforced in this high-stakes encounter. The player was considered when developing anti-cheat features, data tracking, game reports, and other features. With Infinite, the developer is fully committed to bringing to Steam the first playable tactical first-person shooter that is accessible, full of content, and free of all the problems that tragically, aficionados of the genre have gotten accustomed to: cheating, glitches, unreliable servers, and more.

Check out the Arena Breakout: Infinite Closed Beta Announcement Trailer

Arena Breakout: Infinite will shortly be available for PC through Steam and the official game website. Visit the game’s official website to sign up for the beta test, then visit its social media pages for further details and the most recent news.

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