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Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons Remake Review for PlayStation

Over 10 years ago, Starbreeze Studios released a classic in “Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons” which is still in high regard with many today. Game director Josef Fares has moved on to do other iconic games such as “A Way Out” and the game of the year winner “It Takes Two.” To this day “Brothers” is still very easily accessible on all modern consoles and of course PC. If you’re lucky you can find it on sale for extremely cheap. Now it’s 2024 and out of nowhere we got a remake from Avantgarden Games. Was this remake all that necessary? That’s the big question I had when re-experiencing this classic.

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons Remake Review for PlayStation

This quick but memory story you embark on an extraordinary odyssey with two brothers, delving into a realm teeming with revelation, heartache, thrill, and enigma. Traverse this immersive narrative alone or in tandem with a companion in local co-op mode. Brace yourself for an unforgettable expedition unlike any other. You will be traveling through this journey from a panoramic third-person perspective, overseeing the two siblings. With intuitive controls, each brother is independently directed through the use of separate thumb sticks on your controller. Utilizing the triggers, you’ll guide the brothers to interact with their surroundings, engaging in conversations with non-playable characters or navigating obstacles like ledges or objects. The older brother boasts greater strength, capable of pulling levers and assisting his younger sibling in reaching elevated areas. On the other end, the younger brother’s agility allows him to traverse narrow passages. Progression hinges on synchronized manipulation of both brothers, navigating through a series of puzzles that demand coordinated action and strategic problem-solving.

So, what exactly is different in this remake? Honestly, the game itself is seemingly identical aside from it getting a very nice graphical upgrade. Audio-wise is also about the same, the characters still have the same original dialogue, which is its own fictional language. Which I always found to be a really endearing element on how the story was told. But yeah, the controls are the same, the camera and the levels are the same from what I could tell, although, the game does look more modern. While I have nothing against the older graphics in the original, it has its own charm, it is cool to see more detail in the whimsical environments and more nuance in the character’s facial expressions.

This is a tough one to review, on one hand the game is amazing and has never looked as good as it does now. On the other hand, if you already own the original version, it’s hard to say if just graphical improvements are enough to double dip on this title. It’s true, the game isn’t all that long, you could probably finish it all within three hours, but the twenty-dollar price for this isn’t all that expensive either. If you have never experienced this classic, then this newer version is a no-brainer and I highly recommend it. If you have played it before, perhaps ask yourself if you feel like you’ll have a desire to ever play this game again, and if so, maybe wait for this to go on sale. Josef Fares has created something really unique and special with “Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons” and this remake only enhances that experience, even if only slightly in one specific way.


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