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CITADALE: THE LEGENDS TRILOGY Retro 8-bit Action Platformer Now Available on Steam

CITADALE: THE LEGENDS TRILOGY Retro 8-bit Action Platformer Now Available on Steam

  • Citadale: The Legends Trilogy combines the original Wii U release (Citadale: Gate of Souls) with two all-new sequels:Chapter 2 – Curse of Darkness: Sonja’s son, Gabriel, takes up the mantle of the Demon Slayer.
  • Chapter 3 – Legacy of Fate: Face the Dark Lord as Christopher – Sonja’s grandson and heir to the Shadow Blade!Get ready to vanquish evil across three generations in this challenging action game featuring distinct storylines, characters, levels and music.

    A Dark Lord plagues the land – and only YOU can stop him. Play as Sonja Dorleac and bring an end to the forces of darkness by wielding the legendary Shadow Blade. Battle the creatures of the night with swords, axes, shurikens and more – and face off against horrific bosses. If you prove your strength, you can unlock alternate endings for the first two games in the series. A boss rush mode for the original game can also be unlocked if you get the “good” ending in the first game.

    Ezekiel Rage, Lead Developer:

    “I have an undying love for NES games. You could say I never grew out of them. Citadale: The Legends Trilogy is my humble attempt at creating a sprawling 8-bit epic in the far future of 2017. With the resurgence of retro gaming, licensed hardware replicas, remakes – and even demakes! – I feel confident that there’s always going to be a place for games like Citadale.”


    • Feast on the 8-bit style artwork combined with epic chiptune music
    • Defeat creatures of the night!
    • Test your skills against face-melting difficulty
    • Spend hours looking for secrets and unlocking alternate endings
    • Enjoy a platformer, action game, and adventure – all rolled into one

Check Out Citadale – The Legends Trilogy 80’s Styled TV Spot:

Citadale: The Legends Trilogy is now available on Steam (Windows, Mac, and Linux) for only $8.99 – 10% off the game’s retail price. On September 20, the game will return to its original price.

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