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“Deep Dive” Podcast Series Premieres with The Thing: Remastered from Nightdive Studios

“Deep Dive,” a new bi-weekly podcast series from video game remaster maker Nightdive Studios, takes listeners behind the scenes of the widely recognized studio to discover more about its collection of critically acclaimed retro classics.

The first episode of Deep Dive delves into the minds of the development team behind The Thing: Remastered, a cult classic horror game, and Mark Atkinson, who was one of the original directors and programmers of Computer Artworks’ 2002 The Thing. This comes after the game was announced at IGN Live earlier this month.

Check out The Thing: Remastered Deep Dive Episode 1 HERE

"Deep Dive" Podcast Series Premieres with The Thing: Remastered from Nightdive Studios

Dimitris “Modern Vintage Gamer” Giannakis presents the Deep Dive podcast for Nightdive Studios. Morgan Shaver, the company’s communications manager, and Locke Vincent, the video producer, serve as co-hosts. Every other Monday, new episodes will be posted on YouTube to provide viewers a better peek into the projects that the Nightdive team is working on through developer interviews and behind-the-scenes videos. In addition, Nightdive community shout-outs and giveaways, such as fan art highlights, favorite comments, and more, will be included in the episodes.

The Thing: Remastered will be made available digitally later this year for the PlayStation 4|5, Xbox One and Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and Windows PC via Steam and GOG. Please visit Steam to wishlist and learn more about the game.

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