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E3 Gaming Convention Cancels Due to Rising Covid Numbers

The famous gaming convention that is anticipated within the gaming community, will not be held within LA, for the third time running in three consecutive years. The decision surrounding the disruption is that organizers believe it would be safer for the general public as a whole, if the event is kept purely virtual. Entertainment Software Association have commented on how they will try to innovate and change the experience slightly, so fans can have a different experience to last year’s virtual event.

Not only are most events being evolved to adapt towards the metaverse of virtual reality, many gaming platforms nowadays have turned to virtual gaming tournaments, especially when eSports are concerned. CSGO, a popular eSport game, gained huge popularity for offering virtual gaming tournaments over the pandemic, in addition to adapting to online casino gambling that is specifically oriented around skins. Games such as Coinflip, Jackpot and Roulette are played virtually with skin wagers as the main form of currency. Essentially, everything post-pandemic has proven to work very well virtually, so could this be the new way forward for the E3 gaming convention?

E3 Gaming Convention Cancels Due to Rising Covid Numbers

The ESA have yet to announce specific details of how their event will be this coming year. Through the power of social media, there will most definitely be a press release that will come through on behalf of E3 for their fans, to understand what to expect exactly. Nevertheless, fans have started up a riot, sharing stories and reminiscing how E3 has impacted their gaming life, childhood, and why they hope that E3 will be able to come to a compromise on event situations for the near future. 

E3 came to a decision about the gaming conference quickly in comparison to preceding years during the pandemic. It seems all forms of public congregation carry skepticism as well as concerns for safety. Should E3 have compromised with numbers and seating plans, as many are suggesting and debating on social media, there may have been a possibility to entertain an in-person event. Nevertheless, a twitter user criticized E3, calling this decision a purely economic one for E3 now. Having proved the point that their events work so much better online, it’s obvious that E3 prefers less trouble and cannot be bothered to arrange an event in the first place. This way forward has fast become a reality, as from an economical perspective, venues and organization cost time and money. Organizations can price up virtual conferences at the same price as in-person and walk away with double the profits. So, fan satisfaction is clearly not a priority anymore.

E3 was seen as an inspirational gaming event for many organizations all over the world. What gaming fans are worried about, is the domino-like effect that this can have to neighboring gaming conferences and communities. E3 summits were once the modern example for many, and them backing out on appearances in favor of virtual conferences, could mean all other brands will opt to do the same too. 

While 2022 is just beginning, many feel like their year has already been set, due to the disappointing decision of E3. It has become really unclear if this standard of virtual events will be set as the standard of the future, and while many of us enjoy the convenience that it brings to everyday life, going back to the ‘normal way’ of everyday interactions, seems too distant itself every single month, with the volatility that the current events have brought across the world. Many have travelled back and forth for a chance of getting into summits like the E3 conference, and not only is that an experience, but it also brings vibrant culture, and an all-round experience. Virtual events are just not that and can never replace the fun and build up prior to events like these.

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