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Endzone 2 Survival Colony Sim Announces Next Fest Participation and Demo

It is with great pleasure that Assemble Entertainment and Gentlymad Studios announce that Endzone 2 will be a part of Steam Next Fest, taking place from June 10th to June 17th. Endzone 2 will receive its first-ever demo ahead of the June 7th event, which will feature the tutorial and the Endless Game mode.

Check out the latest Endzone 2 gameplay trailer:

The public will be able to play the Endzone 2 demo prior to Next Fest, beginning on June 7th, 2024, and will grant access to both the tutorial and the Endless Game mode. Alongside the demo’s release, a player- and community-driven project will be launched. A cosmetic item that will be available at the game’s Early Access release can be unlocked and upgraded by players through an exclusive in-game achievement in the demo. We’ll provide more details on this as the demo becomes available.

In the post-apocalyptic survival colony builder Endzone 2, players take on objectives to ensure humanity’s survival following a devastating event. Find and populate the few livable areas, and use your cunning, foresight, and fortitude to ensure your people’s survival in this harsh and merciless planet. In the middle of the mayhem, build and expand your communities while exploring the perilous badlands to find treasure.

Endzone 2 Survival Colony Sim Announces Next Fest Participation and Demo

Endzone 2 Key Features:

  • Live in a world that is always changing and hostile, where things are harsh and unforgiving
  • Now is your chance to take charge of your settlement bus and freely select where you want to start
  • Explore the perilous badlands, a region full of historic sites, undiscovered treasure, and exciting quests
  • Discover livable zones with abundant resources and difficult obstacles that will allow you to establish numerous colonies under your control
  • Create, grow, and extend your towns to create an amazing landmark with a variety of structures and improvements
  • Protect your economic growth by investigating new structures, technologies, and refined resources. You should also keep your production lines optimal
  • Develop your trade abilities as you create and oversee trade routes—which are vital to your survival—between your zones and traders

This summer, Endzone 2 will be available on PC via Steam in Early Access. The game is available to wishlist right now. On June 7th, try the demo and share your thoughts and problem reports to aid in the development of the game. Visit the Endzone 2 Steam News Hub and follow Assemble Entertainment on Facebook, Instagram, X-Twitter, and join the official Discord channel.

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