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Fall of Porcupine Cozy Adventure is Free to Healthcare Workers as a Gamified Way of Saying Thank You

If the first look at Fall of Porcupine warmed your heart and got you excited for its release (and all things cozy and comfy), Assemble Entertainment has decided to take things another step forward. As of today, the publisher is proud to state that Fall of Porcupine will be free to healthcare workers upon its release.

Fall of Porcupine Cozy Adventure is Free to Healthcare Workers as a Gamified Way of Saying Thank You

No out-of-stocks’ here; if you work in healthcare and want to get your hands on this cozy and engrossing story, all you need to do is ask. This special offer is limited solely to healthcare professionals using the Steam platform in the US, UK, and Canada.

For those healthcare professionals interested in redeeming the offer on Steam, please reach out directly to and read the Conditions for Participation.

Additionally, Fall of Porcupine’s free demo “The Last Days of Summer” has already received over 100,000 downloads. This appetizer lets you experience the gorgeous aesthetics, get a feel for the controls, and provides just a taste of the gripping story that the full release will have to offer. You can hop on Steam today and see what over 100,000 people worldwide have been enjoying. And if the prologue leaves you yearning for more cozy cuteness, a new demo will be out during February’s Steam Next Fest.

Fall of Porcupine is coming to Steam, Nintendo SwitchPlaystation 4/5Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S in 2023. The Last Days of Summer prologue is currently available on each of the above store pages and is free to download on all platforms.

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