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gamescom 2023: Arena Breakout Surpasses 80M Users

Global game developer MoreFun Studios, a subsidiary of Tencent Games, in partnership with Level Infinite, a global gaming brand dedicated to delivering high-quality interactive entertainment experiences to a worldwide audience, has announced at gamescom 2023 that Arena Breakout, the next-gen immersive first-person shooter made for mobile devices, has recently surpassed 80 million registered users globally. This achievement marks a significant milestone in mobile gaming, showcasing the immense popularity and demand for high-quality, console-like experiences on portable devices.

gamescom 2023: Arena Breakout Surpasses 80M Users

Additionally, the title will launch its Season 2 update “Battle For The Port” this October, introducing a new Storm Warning mode, a new Port map, and a variety of new firearms for gunsmiths. “Battle For The Port” is the first of a series of new seasons planned for the global mobile game phenomenon, which topped App Store and Google Play charts worldwide less than eight hours after its launch last month. The title held this position in the iOS free list in more than 100 countries and regions around the world, and ranked within the Top 10 Games in 52 regions.

Check out the Arena Breakout Battle for the Port Trailer:

Arena Breakout is an immersive extraction shooter where players must survive high-risk, winner-takes-all battles across the wartorn remnants of a no man’s land named Kamona. Strategy and tactics are just as crucial as skill and raw firepower – choose to fight or disengage wisely. When the mission is over, patch your wounds, refill your mags, and take stock of your inventory. Build and modify ultra-realistic firearms before the next firefight, but don’t bring to battle what you aren’t willing to lose.

gamescom 2023: Arena Breakout Surpasses 80M Users

In Season 2, players will be able to take on bosses Ajax and Porrero in the fog thanks to the new Storm Warning mode, which blankets the warzone with never-before-seen weather effects. Equip a tactical flashlight to gain the visual advantage, but use it sparingly during the heat of battle.

Arena Breakout‘s new Port map will allow players to explore Guoyapos Bay City, once the largest naval base in Kamona. Expect realistic urban warfare lurking behind every street corner. In these city environments, the enemy is always closer than you think.

gamescom 2023: Arena Breakout Surpasses 80M Users

For gunsmiths, Season 2 will also introduce a variety of new firearms, including assault rifles like the AN94, AEK, and ACE31. A new shotgun and revolver will be available, too.

Over 16 unique modes built around Arena Breakout‘s core principle of extraction will be available throughout the next year, alongside new maps and variants of existing maps that offer new battlefield experiences, from tight urban layouts to close quarters combat. A dynamic weather system and more new weapons will also be introduced to the game soon. Additionally, MoreFun Studios will announce its plans for an official Arena Breakout esports competitive scene in the months ahead

gamescom 2023: Arena Breakout Surpasses 80M Users

Arena Breakout has also announced the launch of its Golden Lion Legion, a platform dedicated to showcasing creator content worldwide. Influencers that sign up for the program can earn rewards including in-game items (like valuable bundles), bonds, elite membership status and exclusive titles. On top of that, creators will have a chance to win 1 million Koen for their fans. Join the Golden Lions Legion today and break out of the Dark Zone with a pile of gold!

Arena Breakout‘s Season 2, “Battle For The Port,” will be available on iOS and Android devices this October. Follow the game’s social channels and visit its official website for new updates and more information.

Play Arena Breakout for free on iOS via the App Store and Android via Google Play.

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