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Gods of the Twilight Thrilling Cyberpunk Visual Novel Releases First 5 Chapter via Steam Early Access

Today, independent developer Volutian Design is thrilled to announce the Steam Early Access release of their debut title, the multi-season episodic visual novel, Gods of the Twilight. In a dystopian future on the brink of Ragnarök, ancient magic resurfaces as the past returns to help shape an uncertain future.

Check out the Gods of the Twilight Launch Trailer:

Adventuring on the city-ship of New Reykjavík and beyond, players embody dual protagonists Althea and Farkas, reincarnated deities who must navigate their own roles in the final days of the world as they know it. Utilizing their newfound abilities, each character will need to evade high-tech cultists, uncover ancient truths, and get a handle on their supernatural selves, all as Ragnarök approaches. Whether they work together or operate individually…that’s for the player to decide.

As each chapter unfolds, Althea and Farkas will discover their pivotal roles, developed by player choices, as the end of the world draws closer. Interdependent choices play off of each other and carry over between chapters, adding greater importance to every interaction with the game’s richly designed NPCs from every corner of society – including military intelligence officers, bartenders, billionaires, and the protagonists’ childhood friends. The world they know can’t last forever, but player choices determine when and how it will end –  and what, if anything, will take its place.

Gods of the Twilight sees players cultivate diverse relationships through captivating narratives and thought-provoking decisions as they advance through the fully voice-acted story. Players will decide whether to build friendships, confront rivals, or even foster romantic connections, including between the main characters. Strengthened by its fully voice-acted dialogue from a roster of experienced talent, Gods of the Twilight weaves a deeply intricate narrative that will leave players wanting more each season.

“Our apocalypse is choose-your-own-adventure… which, if you think about it, is kind of like real life,” said Volutian Design co-founder Ashley Micks. “Change is inevitable, but we’re the ones who get to decide how it goes.”

“This is a roleplay experience where you can see the power of your choices throughout the narrative,” added Volutian Design co-founder Leandro Zantedeschi.Different consequences overlap to create your own unique path. And you’ll want to explore because the setting mixes mythology and tech in its own way.”

Gods of the Twilight Thrilling Cyberpunk Visual Novel Releases First 5 Chapter via Steam Early Access

Gods of the Twilight Key Features:

  • Love, Loss, or None at All: Your choices determine the protagonists’ relationships with their companions and one another, including the possibility of polyamory, and each character has romance options of multiple genders
  • No ‘Routes,’ Just ‘Choices’: An episodic story where choices carry over between chapters and seasons, Gods of the Twilight features a range of branching paths, including independent choices tracking overlapping consequences for unique endings
  • Say it with Your Chest: All dialogue is fully voice-acted, with talent including Amina Koroma (Baldur’s Gate 3), Kelsey Jaffer (Genshin Impact), Atli Óskar Fjalarsson (The Midnight Sky), and Ellis Knight (SMITE)
Gods of the Twilight is available now for $19.99, £16.75, and €19,50, with its first five chapters in Steam Early Access for Windows PC, Mac, and Linux. An official soundtrack is also available to purchase separately for $7.99/ £6.69 / €7,79 or as part of a game + OST bundle.

You can follow the game on Twitter and join the community on Discord.

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