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Grounded Fully Yoked Edition Review for Nintendo Switch

As an experienced handheld gaming console reviewer, I am thrilled to share my thoughts on the game ‘Grounded Fully Yoked Edition.’ This game is a delightful throwback to the carefree summer days of my youth when my friends and I would spend hours outside, our clothes adorned with grass stains and the occasional scrape from our adventures. The game’s aesthetic is a vibrant homage to the ’90s, drawing inspiration from popular cartoons of the era and films like ‘Honey, I Shrunk the Kids.’

Grounded Fully Yoked Edition Review for Nintendo Switch

In ‘Grounded,’ you step into the shoes of one of four children who have mysteriously vanished, causing panic in their community. However, the twist is that you haven’t disappeared; instead, you’ve been miniaturized to an almost microscopic size while the world continues its frantic search.

The game immerses you in a backyard teeming with secrets, narratives, and gigantic spiders. Fear not, arachnophobes, there are filters in place to manage your encounters with these eight-legged creatures!

Grounded Fully Yoked Edition Review for Nintendo Switch

The backyard, now a vast wilderness from your ant-sized perspective, is a playground for exploration. However, it also presents a challenge as you strive to complete missions without the aid of crafted weapons for protection against the creatures lurking in the undergrowth. The game encourages you to collect various items, which can be used to craft superior weapons or other useful items. This aspect of the game can be quite addictive, given the endless array of items to collect and craft.

Grounded Fully Yoked Edition Review for Nintendo Switch

Building structures is another facet of the game that adds depth to the gameplay. For instance, constructing a lean-to requires three clover leaves and two sprigs, which might sound simple but can prove to be a challenge. As you navigate through the towering blades of grass and scale objects like a forgotten baseball, you quickly realize that survival is a key element of this game. Your first encounter with a giant ant or spider is a heart-stopping moment that underscores the importance of crafting effective weapons to survive in this backyard wilderness.

Grounded Fully Yoked Edition Review for Nintendo Switch

‘Grounded’ also incorporates puzzles that involve repairing scientific equipment scattered throughout the backyard. These puzzles are not always straightforward, adding a layer of complexity that keeps the game challenging and engaging.

The game’s controls are intuitive and customizable, contributing to a seamless gaming experience. I particularly appreciate the spider filter, which allows you to adjust their size, leg count, color, and more. While I opted for a solo playthrough, the game does offer a multiplayer option, which I imagine would add an extra layer of fun to the backyard exploration.

Grounded Fully Yoked Edition Review for Nintendo Switch

The game’s graphics are detailed and colorful, with a cartoonish flair that enhances its charm. The difficulty of combat encounters depends on the quality of the weapon you’ve crafted, adding a strategic element to the gameplay. Remember, first-person combat can be challenging, so keep your eyes peeled for bugs sneaking up behind you!

‘Grounded’ is a charming game with a unique atmosphere that continually piqued my curiosity, compelling me to explore further. Its retro aesthetic is sure to resonate with gamers who have a soft spot for nostalgia. If you’re a fan of survival/adventure games, ‘Grounded’ is a must-play. I give it a well-deserved 9.5 out of 10.

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