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HIGHWAY POLICE SIMULATOR Brand New Open-World Law Enforcement Experience Launching September 2024

Highway Police Simulator, the open-world law enforcement simulation from the sim experts at Aerosoft and Germany-based developer Z-Software, calls in a September 2024 launch on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S.

Check out the Highway Police Simulator Teaser Trailer:

Don the uniform and step into the shoes of an American police officer tasked with maintaining law and order on busy highways. Patrol on foot and behind the wheel in an immersive, open-world environment with heart-pounding cases to solve across multiple biomes. Protect and serve across a single-player experience, seamlessly blending freeplay missions and a narrative-driven story campaign punctuated by career progression and exhilarating events.

Experience a realistic simulation in a dynamic and reactive world inspired by North American locales. Field calls from Police HQ or tackle tasks assigned at the station and assist with traffic stops, vehicle accidents, and dangerous shootouts. Complete story missions to advance the overarching narrative, impacted by a dynamic morality system based on officer behavior. Keep the citizens of Caminora safe by handling cases with care and mastering tactical driving, firearms and patrol helicopters.

Develop skills to tackle the unpredictable work of police officers enhanced by procedural events. Interrogate suspects, arrest citizens upon stopping their crimes, check documents to confirm details, and stay safe throughout each shift. Select either Casual or Simulation gameplay modes to adjust the freeplay, allowing for a fully immersive experience or a guided journey through the open world.

HIGHWAY POLICE SIMULATOR Brand New Open-World Law Enforcement Experience Launching September 2024

Highway Police Simulator key features:

  • Varied open-world environments, each with its own challenges and missions
  • A storyline with exciting cases, career progression, ranking system and more
  • Unique vehicles, including different police cars, helicopters and more
  • A wide array of missions with traffic stops, accidents, car chases and more
  • A morality system that challenges players to make difficult decisions with real consequences for the story and the environment

“Highway Police Simulator encapsulates the investigative, often stressful role of law enforcement in a detailed and realistic world,” said Dirk Ohler, Head of Product at Aerosoft. “We’re thrilled to announce the title and our partnership with the talented team at Z-Software, and we look forward to all our new recruits joining the force in September 2024!”

Aerosoft will showcase the new Highway Police Simulator teaser at this year’s Game Developers Conference (GDC) from March 20-22. Be sure to stop by the Aerosoft booth at the German Pavilion (booth No. S 849) in the South Hall of the Moscone Center San Francisco if you’d like to learn more.

Highway Police Simulator launches on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S in September 2024. Get ready to take on the responsibility of protecting the open road by wishlisting the game on Steam and PlayStation 5 today.

For more information, please visit the official website.

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