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Konami Super Bomberman R 2 Physical Versions Now Available for Console; PC, Digital Versions Launch Sept. 13

Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc., (KONAMI) has announced that physical versions of SUPER BOMBERMAN R 2 (SBR2) have released for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch in North and Latin America. Digital versions of the game, including PC editions via Steam, launch September 13.

SBR2 delivers more action-packed content than ever before with an all-new story mode, fan-favorite battle modes, and a new chaotic addition to the Bomberman legacy: Castle Mode. Players can also create custom maps and share them online for others to enjoy with the new Level Editor tool. The number of stages from the community to find and explore with family and friends is limitless!

Konami Super Bomberman R 2

SBR2  brings new faces alongside some familiar characters. The lovable Bean Bomber, from Mediatonic’s hit party royale game Fall Guys reunites with the Bomberman crew for even more explosive fun!

Battle Modes launching with SBR2:

  • Castle: Fight in 1 vs 15 asymmetrical matches online in this new attack vs. defend battle mode! A defending player is tasked with creating a map and placing defensive traps to slow down the offense. Different terrain options, wall placements, defensive gimmicks and the help of new character types called “Ellons” are at the defending player’s disposal. The attacking side must blow through the defender’s gimmicks to reach all the treasure chests and win.
  • Battle 64: Be the last player standing in this battle royal classic. This chaotic mode features 64 players, but only one can come out victorious.
  • Grand Prix: Compete for crystals and knock out other players.Team battles are a blast in this game mode.
  • Standard: The beloved classic battle mode from SUPER BOMBERMAN R 1and SUPER BOMBERMAN ONLINE returns.

Konami Super Bomberman R 2 Physical Versions Now Available for Console; PC, Digital Versions Launch Sept. 13

Play, create, and share new battle stages!

The “Stage Editor” is a powerful new tool for players to craft their own stages and share them online for others to playing the new “Castle” Battle Mode. The amount of new and distinct SBR2stages to find and defeat will be limitless!

The story of the 8 Bomberman Brothers and their new friends the Ellons!

The Black Moon starship ravages across the galaxy destroying the cities on the planets it visits. As the threat looms across the universe once again, can the 8 Bomber Brothers and their new friends, the Ellons, save the universe and keep the peace.

Check out the Konami Super Bomberman R 2 Trailer:


SBR2 will include crossplay and will launch on the PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S Xbox One, Steam and Nintendo Switch for$49.99 SRP.

For more information, visit as well as Konami Twitter, Konami Facebook, and the official Bomberman Facebook.

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