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Last Train Home Review for Steam

Last Train Home developed by Ashborne Games and published by THQ Nordic is a historical real time strategy game that is addicting and really grabs the player’s attention.  The historical aspect of the game’s storytelling is gripping and makes each encounter a memorable experience.  While the gameplay does not change the real time strategy formula too much it is the presentation that truly heightens the experience.  Aside from that, the game’s audio and graphical design is top notch and really captures the feel of the era after World War I.  Ashborne Games have really outdone themselves with developing Last Train Home through a historic lens capturing the feeling of the time for the RTS genre.

Historically speaking the game is something else with its story and design based upon historical evidence at the time and provide a glimpse to the Czechoslovakian legionaries faced during Russia after World War I.  In terms of historical accuracy, the Ashborne Games’ developer blog goes into great detail as to the factual history of the game’s story and the events and stories that inspired Last Train Home.  The passion for history is thoroughly on display for the game and rivals the research done by Sucker Punch when they created Ghost of Tsushima.  Moreover, Last Train home itself can be taken as historical fiction in similar regards to the critically acclaimed game Ghost of Tsushima with both games exuding this air of history and confidence.  With both games being this one-of-a-kind experience when playing them for the first time with having a gripping narrative and design that makes time really fly by.

Last Train Home Review for Steam

Last Train Home’s gameplay is by no means mixing up the RTS genre by any means.  However, it does not need to as it can fall back on its excellent theme and addicting gameplay RTS’ are known for.  In terms of the thematic elements, it is based on historical memoirs from the era according to the Ashbrone Games as they stated in the opening of the game.  Aside from that the gameplay is simply fun and engaging with all the various gameplay features the player has access to.  One of the big ones is the train which is the main mode by which the player is going to progress through the story.  Moreover, the train itself being the main base of operations requires materials to be upgraded to support the player’s legionaries for missions or deployments for resources to progress in the campaign.  This makes each decision at the start more meaningful to the longevity of the player’s playthrough, especially when entering the end game and more difficult missions available.  Another one is, the various train cars that can be attached to the train locomotive that can serve various purposes from housing infantry, cooking food, being a hospital wing, etc.  These cars can be upgraded further to increase the buffs they provide or for protection from the cold and enemy attacks from having a high detection risk.  This makes standing still a risk as the player will need to balance on deploying legionaries on missions, gathering resources, and upgrading the train and internally debating what they need.  By making the player decide on what resources to gather they can feel the pressure on making tough decisions such as whether or not to let their troops starve to keep pressing on or letting them freeze.  Ultimately this is the risk and reward that can occur in the RTS gerne and makes the experience fun as the player has to juggle what they need versus their wants.

The audio of the game is standard for the industry, for having voice acting.  However, it is can be heightened by having the right people for the job and the cast for the game is well done in all languages with immersion being the standout exception for its high quality that stands apart from the rest.  It really grabs the player’s attention and conveys a great depth of emotion as the player keeps progressing with each chapter showcasing the dire situation the legionaries face.  Moreover, aside from the audio the artistic depictions in loading screens, and cutscenes really paint a good picture as to what life was like for them and it creates this more human connection between the player and game deepening the immersion.  This makes each legionary someone that needs to be taken care of as each one can perform various jobs around the train and can be specialized to take on certain roles.  By taking control of these forces operate on the field and on the train can really make for a rewarding experience knowing that they are all fulfilling their roles to the best of their abilities.

Last Train Home Review for Steam

Ashborne Games’ have made a wonderful game that shows the history of what went on in Russia after World War I and demonstrates it by immersing the player in its compelling narrative based on historical evidence of the time.  Last Train Home is a definite pick up for gamers who are into history and historians alike as it can be a wonderful way for people to explore the history of the Czechoslovak soldiers after World War I.  This immersion is further aided by excellent RTS gameplay that while plays it safe really demonstrates the developer’s creativity in implementing history and gameplay together.  By meshing the two together they have made a flawless game that is a standout title for its graphical, and audio design.  Last Train Home is a 10/10 game as it fulfills what an RTS game is supposed to be and it is such a unique take on the genre in recent times that it feels wholly unique and stands out among the rest.

Last Train Home is available for PC via SteamFor more information, visit the official websiteFacebook, Instagram and Discord.

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