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Moons of Ardan Announces Early Access Update #11, “A New Beginning”

The Belgian independent game production company Pandora Technologies is excited to present Moons of Ardan, your space city-building adventure, with Early Access Update #11: “A New Beginning.” With the release of this significant update, players can now experience the Moons of Ardan in a whole new way thanks to a brand-new tech tree that features over 65 technologies and six science types with their own production chains. The tech tree also offers a non-linear progression structure, making it an exciting and novel way to explore the Moons of Ardan.

Moons of Ardan Announces Early Access Update #11, "A New Beginning"

Moons of Ardan Early Access Update #11 Key Features:

  • The New Mission System is a thorough system that consists of 32 objectives, 23 of which are instructional missions that walk players through the basics of the game.
  • A Non-Linear Progressions – a brand-new tech tree with six science categories and over 65 technologies that lets users select the development path they want.
  • Bug fixes and optimizations: The game’s performance and stability have been greatly enhanced.

Following a rigorous beta period that included over 12 alpha updates and over 6 months of continuous work, the game’s sole developer, Quentin Chevalier, stated:

“I am incredibly excited to introduce Early Access Update #11 to the Moons of Ardan community, this update marks a significant step forward, offering a more accessible and engaging experience for both newcomers and veterans alike. I can’t wait to see what the community creates with the new features and look forward to their feedback.”

Moons of Ardan is available now for PC via Steam Early Access, Epic Games Store, and GOG.

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