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MYTH OF EMPIRES Launch Celebration Continues this Weekend with a Lantern Festival Online Event

Myth of Empires Version 1.0 has launched this week for PC via Steam and as a big thank you to all supporters, developer Angela Game has launched the largest online event in Myth of Empires‘ history – the Lantern Festival’s ‘Assembly of Warriors’ event!

Taking place today and Sunday (February 24 – 25), the event takes place on exclusive Festival Celebration servers where players worldwide can participate. Special in-game decorations fill the game including splendid fireworks, an enchanting aurora illuminating the sky, and colorful lanterns add to the festive atmosphere as warriors will be able to traverse this wonderful world using portals and launchers. Most of all, players will be able to claim up to six (6) Festival Celebration Chests that contain random character skins and decorations.

This event will challenge the current server population limits in preparation for the “Thousand Man Battlefield” and large-scale Season Servers coming in future updates. Angela Game is looking to break through Unreal Engine’s 100-player server limit.

MYTH OF EMPIRES Launch Celebration Continues this Weekend with a Lantern Festival Online Event

How To Join Myth Of Empires Festival Celebration

Players can join the event via “Events – Festival Celebration” in the Myth of Empires game, or select “Festival Celebration” from the events list at the top right corner of the country list. A total of three games will be opened with the specific opening times as follows:

  • Asia-Pacific: February 24 from 13:00-14:00 UTC
  • Europe: February 24 from 19:00-20:00 UTC
  • Americas: February 25 from 01:00-02:00 UTC

These three events are all open to players worldwide. For every 15 minutes players participate in the events, they will earn a Festival Celebration Chest. Two Festival Celebration Chests can be obtained from each event, for a total of six Chests across all three region specific event servers. Rewards you open from these chests can be viewed in your warehouse from the main menu or in your Steam inventory.

Check out the Myth of Empires V1.0 Launch Day Trailer:

Myth of Empires is now available on PC via Steam for a limited-time price of $35.99. Join the community on the official Discord server for up-to-date announcements.

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