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Nuka-World on Tour and Season 11 Now Available for FALLOUT 76

The Nuka-World on Tour update is now available and free for all Fallout 76 players. The travelling road show has officially set up permanent residence in Appalachia! Head to the fairgrounds in the Ash Heap region to find new Public Events, square off against the monstrous Ultracite Titan, try games of skill in the Nukacade, meet new characters, earn rewards, and more.

In addition, Season 11 has kicked off for all players. Complete challenges and rank up to earn tons of rewards, from Nuka-Cola themed backpacks to C.A.M.P. decorations, power armor skins, and so much more.

Nuka-World on Tour and Season 11 Now Available for FALLOUT 76

NUKA World Tour:


Nuka-World on Tour has set up various activities all around the park, including three new public events that will appear every 20 minutes, and contain new rewards for players to collect, from all new weapons to new clothing items, C.A.M.P. décor and more!


Band together to take down a new region boss: the devastating Ultracite Titan. Prepare for a battle of epic proportions. The Ultracite Titan is the largest creature ever in a Fallout game! Gear up and prepare for a showdown like never before.


Take a break from the new Public Events or massive Ultracite Titan and visit the Nukacade to try your hand at carnival games that are sure to be fun for the whole family! It’s got all your favorites, like “Bandit Roundup,” “Nuka Zapper Race,” and “Whack-A-Commie.” We’re also proud to introduce “Bottle Blaster,” which will truly test your might. As you play, you will earn Nukacade points, which you can redeem to get exciting prizes.


Free cam is a new quality-of-life feature for builders. When inside build mode, select X on keyboard, or Start on controller to enter Free cam mode. In this mode, the camera detaches from your character, allowing you to freely build at new heights, pan through walls, doors, windows, and floors.

For even more details on what’s included in this free update, visit

Check out the new trailer for Nuka-World on Tour:

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