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OMNIBION WAR Frantic 3D Shoot ‘em Up Now Out on Steam

Prague, Czech Republic – Omnibion War, a frantic 3D shoot ’em up sci-fi action inspired by mecha anime and developed by indie team, Crazy Bullet Studio, is now available on PC via Steam and other digital stores for $6.99 / €6.99.

Omnibion War takes its inspiration from classic on-rails shooters of the past such as Aces of the Galaxy, Panzer Dragoon, and the Star Fox series. The game puts players into the pilot seat of a high-tech space jet that transforms into a flying mech at the touch of a button. With this high-tech military gear, they blast their way through the galaxy and take down thousands of Hellhounds one by one to prevent them from acquiring Omnibion, a dangerous ancient weapon. With various mission objectives to complete, parts of the universe to visit, types of enemies to blow to smithereens and new weapons and upgrades to unlock, the journey through the galaxy will be an intense and exciting experience with the finger on the trigger.

OMNIBION WAR Frantic 3D Shoot ‘em Up Now Out on Steam

Omnibion War Key Features:

  • Use the transforming abilities of your A.A.V.G. (Automatic Artillery of Variable Geometry)
  • Transform between a space jet or a mech, choosing the most comfortable way to face the Hellhound chords
  • Take down thousands of enemies and mighty bosses, both in space and on various planets
  • Complete various mission objectives – protect, destroy, rescue and more
  • Gain experience points to access new weapons, upgrades and special attacks
  • Enjoy the retro vibe in two game modes – rail shooter and free flight

Check Out the Omnibion War Steam Launch Trailer:

Omnibion War is available for PC via Steam and other digital platforms for $6.99 / €6.99.

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