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OUR BRILLIANT RUIN Tabletop Roleplaying Game Now Fully Funded on Kickstarter

Transmedia company, Studio Hermitage, is thrilled to announce that its debut tabletop roleplaying game, Our Brilliant Ruin, is now fully funded on Kickstarter! Thanks to the generosity of backers, the gilded and deadly world of the Dramark will make its way to tabletops later this year.

As of Monday, March 4, the Kickstarter campaign for Our Brilliant Ruin surpassed its funding goal of $25,000 US. Several stretch goals for the campaign have now been revealed, including the already-unlocked Gazetteer chapter and digital art book, as well as the development of a Virtual Tabletop with Alchemy, improved packaging for the dice set, and a digital supplement that expands on the lore of the Dramark as an in-world publication called the Whisper. Additional rewards will be revealed once the available stretch goals are met.

Check out Our Brilliant Ruin Kickstarter Launch Video:

Several limited-quantity pledge tiers are still available as part of the Our Brilliant Ruin Kickstarter campaign. These include a Brilliant Edition hardcover copy signed by the three Studio Hermitage founders, Justin Achilli, Andy Foltz, and Paxton Galvanek, and the opportunity to play a four-hour session of Our Brilliant Ruin with up to three friends run by designers Justin Achilli and Rachel J. Wilkinson.

The PDF version of Our Brilliant Ruin will be available for free later this year. Backers will receive the PDF ahead of everyone else. Get a head start on learning how to play with this condensed version of the rules and five pre-made characters to play with.

OUR BRILLIANT RUIN Tabletop Roleplaying Game Now Fully Funded on Kickstarter

About Our Brilliant Ruin

The Ruin befouls everything in its path, ravaging culture and geography alike, and leaving its living victims contorted into horrific creatures. In its wake, Dramark society moves toward an irreversible demise, buoyed on a tide of excess and intrigue.

In Our Brilliant Ruin, players must navigate the social and political machinations of a class-based society while facing the end of the world. Three distinct factions and the families and guilds within them allow players to create fully realized characters to inhabit this doomed world. Investigate an abandoned mansion fallen into danger and disrepair, attend a high-society ball while keeping abreast of the ever-present danger, or confront a deadly chimera that bears an unsettling resemblance to a missing lover. The world is an open book of possibilities… until it ends.

Our Brilliant Ruin uses an original system of dice pools driven by a character’s emotions and motivations. Combine personality traits and skills to accomplish goals by rolling pools of d6s to determine success, failure, or catastrophe. Inspired by similar dice pool-based systems, these original mechanics for Our Brilliant Ruin provide numerous ways to determine player characters’ fates. An attack motivated by jealousy could be Obsession + Fight, or discovering your best friend is hiding a dangerous secret might be Benevolence + Intuit. Players can leverage their Portfolios to gain advantages in social situations and call upon their Passions to gain an edge on a roll… at a risk.

To stay up to date with Our Brilliant Ruin, follow the project on X (Twitter), Facebook, Instagram, and Discord, or sign up for the newsletter at Follow Studio Hermitage on Facebook, Linkedin, X (Twitter), and the official website at

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