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Physical Edition of Alan Wake 2 Collector’s Edition Coming Soon to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X

Today, Remedy Entertainment, Epic Games, and Limited Run Games unveiled the physical bundle for the critically acclaimed Alan Wake 2 game (check out our 10/10 PS5 review!). Limited to, pre-orders for Collector’s Editions are available starting on June 8 and running through July 21. The Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 will be able to play the Alan Wake 2 Collector’s Editions when they release in December.

Alan Wake 2, the much anticipated follow-up to Alan Wake (2010), marks Remedy’s debut in the survival horror genre. The show centers on the titular novelist, whose work transforms fantasy into reality and is horrified by the evil Dark Presence. Players can alternate between the two interconnected campaigns that make up Alan Wake 2’s intricate storyline at any point. Alan Wake and Saga Anderson must cooperate across two realities to extinguish the darkness engulfing Bright Falls before it is engulfed in an unending nightmare that will rewrite reality itself. They will accomplish this by using flashlights, hand flares, and other sources of light.

The physical collection of Limited Run draws inspiration from the village of Bright Falls and its enigmatic Cult of the Tree. A working replica of Alan’s famous Angel Lamp, a 160-page art book with concept art of characters and environments, an eerie Oceanview Hotel keychain, enamel pins based on the Koskela brothers’ Coffee World Amusement Park, and a collector’s edition box with an embossed Cult of the Tree design are all included in the Collector’s Edition. This customized collection is guaranteed to please fans of Remedy’s beloved series.

Physical Edition of Alan Wake 2 Collector's Edition Coming Soon to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X

Alan Wake 2 Deluxe Edition for PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X

○     Expansion Pass
■     Night Springs Expansion
■     Lake House Expansion
■     Nordic shotgun skin for Saga
○     Additional Cosmetic Items
■     Crimson Windbreaker for Saga
■     Celebrity Suit for Alan
■     Parliament Shotgun Skin for Alan
■     Lantern Charm for Saga
○     Bonus Item: Alan Wake Remastered Download Code*
●     Angel Lamp
●     160-page Art Book
●     Enamel Pin Set
●     Oceanview Hotel Keychain
●     Embossed Collector’s Edition Slip-Cover
*Gift with purchase included as download voucher

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