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Planet of Lana Review for PlayStation 5

I tend to be a sucker for a good side-scrolling puzzle game, especially if it also has a strong narrative to go along with it. Last year “Planet of Lana” released on Xbox and PC and it piqued my interest, but I unfortunately never got around to checking it out… until now! Finally released on PlayStation 5 (as well as Nintendo Switch) this off-earth odyssey is in my hands and I had the pleasure to check out what it’s all about. Before going in, I had heard really great things, but it seemed like buzz never really took off for this title as high as I would have thought it would. Upon doing a little research I found out that this game was heavily influenced by another side-scroller I very much love called “Inside” as well as the overall aesthetic of the animated films by Studio Ghibli. After checking it out, these inspirations are very clear, and the result is quite amazing.

In the opening moments of “Planet of Lana,” we find Lana hot on the heels of her elder sister, Ilo, amidst the vibrant backdrop of their coastal village. As they navigate through the lively streets, we catch glimpses of the villagers going about their daily activities, from bustling market stalls to friendly exchanges at the local butcher. The tranquility of their surroundings is shattered when mysterious machines descend upon the planet, plunging Lana’s world into chaos. In a cruel twist of fate, Ilo is snatched away before Lana’s eyes, leaving her to witness the once-peaceful village engulfed in flames and the desperate cries of its inhabitants. As Lana retraces her steps back to the now-devastated village, she finds herself thrust into a harrowing struggle for survival, relying on her stealth skills to evade the relentless pursuit of the mechanical invaders.

Planet of Lana Review for PlayStation 5

The true motives behind these machines and their inexplicable agenda unfold gradually throughout the narrative, cloaked in layers of mystery and intrigue. With no subtitles to decipher the unique language spoken by Lana and her people. As you explore the vast and diverse world of “Planet of Lana,” they’ll encounter abandoned villages and foreboding caves brimming with secrets, each offering clues to unraveling the enigmatic story that lies at the heart of this captivating adventure. This initial sequence not only serves as a gentle introduction to the game’s platforming mechanics but also allows us to become acquainted with the spirited duo of these two sisters. Throughout your journey you won’t be alone though, you have an adorable cat companion named Mui who is essential to helping you solve the puzzles and traversing through some tricky landscapes. For a game that takes just under five or-so hours to complete, the pacing can be a little off at times. I am all for short game experiences, but I think I would have preferred this title to be even shorter or even a little longer to help better pace the puzzles, since they can get a bit overbearing at times and could use a bit more time in between to let the game breathe a little.

Aside from that I have very little extra to say on my problems with “Planet of Lana.” All-in-all it’s a remarkable experience with exceptional art and music. There are some incredibly captivating moments I will remember for a long time. Its environment often feels like it’s out to get you, which will always keep you on your toes and at the end of the day it’s just a really engaging adventure… or an off-earth odyssey as they like to say. This is certainly one to not overlook.


Planet of Lana is available for PC via Steam, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch.

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