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RarePixels Announces Most Challenging Update for Galactic Survival Game 2 MINUTES IN SPACE

The critically praised smartphone game 2 Minutes in Space, developed by the Spanish game studio RarePixels, has received a revolutionary upgrade that gives the space exploration adventure a festive Easter touch. This is an amazing turn of events. The update, which is thought to be the hardest thus far for 2024, adds an Easter-themed level that should provide gamers of all skill levels with an exciting and captivating experience.

There is a special level in the Easter update that is only accessible during the holidays. Instead of the typical asteroids, players will be navigating across a field full of Easter eggs. Not only do these eggs look good, but they also actively attack the player’s spaceship when they collide and create clusters, which gives the game an additional level of strategy and difficulty.

RarePixels Announces Most Challenging Update for Galactic Survival Game 2 MINUTES IN SPACE

A massive Easter chicken appears, adding to the mayhem by randomly changing the game’s gravity and drawing different things to the player’s spacecraft. One of these is a black hole that is both adorable and dangerous. It can swallow up everything in its path and seriously jeopardize players’ lives.

RarePixels’ Yuliya Oleshko expressed her excitement about the news, saying, “This Easter event is unlike anything we’ve done before.” It’s important to increase the game’s difficulty and excitement rather than only giving it a festive atmosphere. We think our gamers will adore the new dynamics this update introduces, and we set out to create an intensive and entertaining Easter egg hunt in space.”

With a release window that runs from March 25 to April 8, gamers will have plenty of time to take on one of the trickiest levels that 2 Minutes in Space has to offer. The objective of the game is to survive for at least two minutes in a constantly shifting environment—a task that looks easy but is actually rather difficult.

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