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Reverse: 1999 Time-Travel Strategy RPG Launches “Journey to Mor Pankh” Update

Bluepoch Games has announced that it has launched the “Journey to Mor Pankh” update for its time-travel strategy RPG Reverse: 1999 across the App Store, Google Play, and PC. Since its launch in October 2023, the award-winning Reverse: 1999 has had more than 19 million downloads worldwide. The latest Version 1.3 update features a host of new content including unique storylines, sign-in events and daily rewards offering free pulls within this astronomy-themed limited-time update running now – February 22, 2024.

Phase 2 introduces the 6-star Beast Arcanist, a one-armed former hermit that may appear unsophisticated at first glance, but in actuality has experienced enough in life to make him a wise man. After suffering a family tragedy, he isolated himself in the snowy mountains for what felt like forever. But the once untouchable wound has healed. Years of metaphysical meditation have finally allowed Shamane to find righteousness.

Reverse: 1999 Time-Travel Strategy RPG Launches "Journey to Mor Pankh" Update

Download and play for free Reverse: 1999 to summon Shamane with the new rate-up banner, “Another Spring Thaw.” The limited-time banner also features 5-star characters Balloon Party and Satsuki, each with a boosted drop rate.

Reverse: 1999 Update 1.3 Phase Two features include:

  • “Shamane” Rate up Banner: Players can summon Shamane in the new banner”Another Spring Thaw”, and the 5-star characters that will be featured in his limited with a boosted drop rate are Balloon Party and Satsuki.
  • “Shamane” Character Story Event: The “Bells Echoing in the Valley” story event reveals Shamane’s difficult journey, a story of the past, about farewells, cycles and renewal. Players that complete this story event will obtain Clear Drops, growth materials, and other rewards for their efforts.
  • Shamane’s Left Arm Event*: This original limited-time event is also available now until February 22! Former hermit Shamane has a pretty nifty prosthetic left arm. Unfortunately, sometimes it doesn’t function as intended. Ignite the pine branches, play the divine drum, and listen to the language of beasts. Shamane’s left arm will be as firm as a tree and agile as an ape in no time. Players who complete this event will receive Clear Drops and plenty of growth materials. *“Shamane’s Left Arm” is only available to players who have completed the game’s main campaign.
  • Two Sign-in Events**: In the first event “During Dīpa Festival II” players that sign-in for seven days in total can claim up to seven Unilogs and in the “Spring Greetings” event (only running February 9-16) players that log in daily can claim up to 500 Clear Drops. ** Both sign-in events are only available to players that have completed the game’s main story.
  • New UTTU Flash Gathering “The First Epic”: Players that collect FAME Cards in the reading spectacle can claim Leilani’s new garment for free.
  • Mysterious Waves Event: A momentary disturbance in the ionosphere brought about a fortunate encounter with mysterious waves. A greeting that spans across time and clouds reaches out towards you and a friend destined to be known sends their regards. Running from February 22 – 29, players that complete this event can claim Picrasma candy and growth material.

Check out the Reverse: 1999 Shamane Trailer – “Plodding Through the Snow”

Download Reverse: 1999 today via the App Store, Google Play, and PC to experience Version 1.3 astrological update “Journey to Mor Pankh.” The sky is certainly not the limit! Reach for the stars with a community of aspiring mahatmas via Discord and follow on X / Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and the game’s official website.

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