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RUMBLE CLUB Review for Steam

Rumble Club, developed by Lightfox Games, Inc. and published by Mad Mushroom, is a an extensively simplistic game about punching and knocking out your opponents in a party-based game.  While the game can be compared to fall guys the simple mechanics of the game differentiate it and make the game fit into this casual party game.  This is evident in the gameplay taking on aspects from Gang Beasts, and the minigame “Punch-a-Bunch” from the Mario Party series with some twists in the form of items.  Aside from the gameplay, the game itself is free to play and most of the microtransactions focus on cosmetics entirely offering no tactical advantage what so ever.  While this can make some people be hesitant in downloading the game due to microtransaction business model it, can be ignored by the player as the market practice is not so aggressive.  Moreover, this makes Rumble Club sort of a black sheep in regards free to play games with microtransactions, being more focused on gameplay.

The gameplay is easy to learn and master as the player has to knockout the various opponents on the map and win by being part of the last three remaining.  In terms of how simplistic the game is, it focuses primarily on holding down the attack button to charge a punch and walking.  This simplicity can be taken negatively by the player as it is far to simple, and one of the answers the developers found to address this issue is to make the game into a battle royal.  By making the game into a battle royal adds a little bit spice the game desperately needs to make it more engaging.  Aside from that, there are items players can pick up mixing up gameplay elements.  These items can come in a variety of forms like a magnet that pulls other players towards to player for an easy knockout, to even a tank that shoots out boxing gloves that deal a good amount of damage.

RUMBLE CLUB Review for Steam

Moreover, these pickups are a great addition for the game in terms of adding variety to the gameplay.  There are other modes of play that changes up gameplay by using different pre-established game modes known by the general public like duos, trios, three versus three, etc.  By adding in a variety of other game modes will ensure that the game will have some much-needed longevity.  Furthermore, the multiplayer aspect of the game is quite fun when paired up with friends playing together as the game itself can lead into some hilarious moments.  In terms of how funny the game can be, is dependent upon the group of friends the player is associated with.  With the gameplay already established the game needs money to survive and the developers choose the battle pass format in hopes of acquiring funding.

The game itself being driven off the battle pass format can lead some people away from the game due the over-saturation of microtransaction games currently on the market.  This is a warranted response from players who just want a fun game as soon as they get it.  However, in Rumble Club’s case the microtransactions are not so heavily pressed onto the player to purchase unlike Destiny 2 a game that has multiple advertisements to purchase DLCs after passing selecting a character.  This is a nice change of pace from the various battle pass games that focus on generating monetary game over quality content.  Furthermore, this is a refreshing experience in the gaming community due to market so commonly dominated by microtransactions trying to squeeze out money from the player base.  While this has become a trend in contemporary times with a focus on monetary gains over the duration of the game’s life Rumble Club is more focused on delivering fun more with the battle pass being seen as more of a secondary concern. This secondary focus can be seen in the lack of aggressive marketing tactics when starting the game and engaging in the gameplay itself.

Lightfox Games, Inc. have developed a simple, yet fun game in regards to Rumble Club. This simplicity of the game is a great foundation that they built upon as the developers can add more content over time.  Furthermore, the game adds some much-needed variety to spice up the content through different game modes that rotate over time making sure nothing grows stale to the player base.  With this game being a free to play can be hit or miss to certain groups in the gaming community as they have grown tired of the format.  However, Rumble Club is a bit different in regards to that format by making monetary gain secondary concern with the primary being getting the game out and established.  This emphasis on monetary gains secondary gives Rumble Club is an easy 7/10 game that shows that they care about the over saturated market and want to stand out from the crowd.

Rumble Club is available for free on Steam, Epic Game Store, iOS App Store, and Google Play Store.

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