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Scopely’s KINGDOM MAKER Medieval Fantasy Now Out on App Store and Google Play

Scopely, one of the fastest growing mobile-first video game companies, launched Kingdom Maker, an original, free-to-play strategy game. The massive multiplayer (MMO) experience with “only one rule…yours!” is the newest title in Scopely’s diverse games portfolio. Kingdom Maker was created by Global Worldwide and further developed in partnership with Scopely. The game immerses players in an unconventional, cheeky medieval adventure with deep customization, player-driven narratives, and epic combat.

Watch a sneak peek HERE!

Scopely's KINGDOM MAKER Medieval Fantasy Now Out on App Store and Google Play

Combining real-time strategy (RTS), role-play (RPG), and simulation gameplay, Kingdom Maker welcomes players to a humorous, stylized world where they can “reign their way.” Players will live out their medieval fantasies as they establish a royal lineage, engage in battle, flirt with the drama of romance, and participate in the machinations of politics. Let the petty in-fighting begin!

“It’s not often that you come across a game experience that offers a completely new spin on how and why we play, and ‘Kingdom Maker’ is just that,” said Steve Huff, President, Games at Scopely. “The game is a refreshing take on 4X and an excellent complement to our diverse portfolio of engaging, dynamic titles. The original world within ‘Kingdom Maker’ brings a sense of humor to the strategy genre, enables an unrivaled degree of personalization, and delivers deviously exhilarating medieval fun to players everywhere. As a deeply social experience with expansive possibilities, the game is designed to evolve with players for years to come.”

A spin on real-time combat experiences where players can defend and expand their empire, Kingdom Maker provides all the core elements of modern strategy games but with new twists; features include:

  • Noble Families: Create your very own dynasty! Player’s “nobles” can be used for combat, dungeon exploration, romance, and mischief.

  • Real-Time Massive Battles: Battle until the defending city falls or attackers run out of expendable peasants. Every battle can be seen by the entire community and anyone can join.

  • City Building: Construct and upgrade massive walls and dozens of unique buildings to form a kingdom that generates resources, troops, items, people, and power!

  • Territory Control: Conquer territory in a massive world; control strategic points from capital cities to trading posts to gate cities. Veni! Vidi! Viciously ambitious, aren’t we?

  • Customizable Armies: Develop commanders and recruit champions to lead the charge, and earn powerful equipment to power up battalions to gain a winning edge. The catapult’s outta the bag!

  • Alliances: Rally friends under a shared banner, and pursue complete and absolute domination. Or do something boring, like strike a peace accord or trade goods for the prosperity of the people.

Kingdom Maker joins Scopely’s portfolio of award-winning strategy games, Star Trek Fleet Command and MARVEL Strike Force.

The game’s launch continues Scopely’s ongoing momentum and commitment to the future of play, including partnerships with web3 innovators (such as Animoca Brands, IndiGG, and Polygon) and game studios around the globe (such as Burlingame Studios, Pixel Toys, and Tag Games), transformative acquisitions of strong game-making teams and businesses (such as GSN Games) and a multitude of game expansions across platforms to meet players wherever they are–mobile, web, and beyond (such as Star Trek Fleet Command expanding to PC, SCRABBLE launching on web, and more!).

Download Kingdom Maker for free on the App Store and Google Play, now!

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