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Shocking Mistakes that are Killing Your Poker Gaming

A poker game is an exciting game to play. The flexibility of the online version offers several advantages to poker players as they can enjoy their favorite game within the comfort of their homes. But poker game has prone to cheating in recent days with the technological advancement and the presence of fraudsters in the gaming industry.  Poker cheating may be said to be behaviorss outside the poker game rules that give an unfair advantage to one player(s) over the other. Even though being considered very safe and secure, cheating in poker game is widespread in the online gambling industry. Below are a few different ways one can be cheated on when playing online poker. 

Shocking Mistakes that are Killing Your Poker Gaming


Collusion is when two or more individuals team up to increase a player’s chances of winning in a poker game and is a significant problem in both the physical and the online versions. Collusion has even become more rampant with the development of poker apps and sites. These individuals spear each other and intentionally cooperate by submitting the value of their card to the other to enable them will the money of their opponent. It may be in the form of implicit collusion between more experienced players where they maximize their probability of having a more robust hand than the small stack, hence eliminating them from the tournament.  


Ghosting is very common in both physical and online poker. It is the situation where a player advises another player during a poker tournament or game. Though strictly prohibited in live games, its challenging to avoid ghosting in online matches. This advice can come in the form of friends sitting together or getting help from cheating tools for poker games such as skype and TeamViewer as these players will seek advice from their ghost before making any move. Its primarily common at the late stages of a poker game when the pools have high prizes.  


This is when a player creates multiple real money accounts to cheat online in a single poker tournament. This helps them have an unfair advantage by posing as different players, thus increasing their chances of winning. This is also a significant problem for poker sites as these players will receive bonus fraud to their respective accounts. Therefore, one should ensure joining a poker site that requires you to verify your identity to avoid fraud. 

Poker Bots 

This is when poker players use computer programs to play poker, thus increasing their chances of winning. These bots help solve the mathematical-based decisions required in a poker game and reduce their winning chances. It allows players to play for an unreasonably long duration without even a break and also play too many games with the perfect hand at the same time. 

Before being carried away with the fun that comes with playing online, you should know the potential dangers you are likely to encounter to avoid being cheated. Most poker players now use these cheating tools for poker games to fraud honest online and physical poker players; thus, you should be keen when playing a poker game or tournament. 

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