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SolForge Fusion Deck Builder and Card Battler Heading to Steam Early Access April 16

SolForge Fusion Deck Builder and Card Battler Heading to Steam Early Access April 16

Stone Blade Entertainment, a prominent publisher and developer of strategy games, is thrilled to announce that the world’s first hybrid deck-building game will soon be available digitally on Steam Early Access. SolForge Fusion releases on April 16, 2024, allowing users to test their mettle in a unique single-player roguelite campaign and take on gamers worldwide.

Thousands of cards and nearly infinite deck combinations await players in SolForge Fusion, a collectible card battle game by Justin Gary (Ascension) and Richard Garfield (Magic: The Gathering). There are more deck combinations than there are atoms in the cosmos when it comes to constructing tactics using half-decks that are printed and generated by algorithms!

Check out the SolForge Fusion Steam Wishlist Trailer:

A distinct QR code is included with every unique faction deck, which may be scanned to expand the player’s online collection. You can sign up for competitions and other community events using the decks in the online collection. Players can now scan their cards into SolForge Fusion’s Steam version and play against other players or through the game’s new roguelite campaign.

SolForge Fusion Key Features:

  • To get experience and rewards, take part in PvP duels that are competitive or informal or go on roguelite campaign mode adventures through the land of Solis.
  • As your deck advances in level through campaign play, customize and improve it. This enables players to use increasingly potent cards to take on increasingly difficult bosses and adventures.
  • Open a variety of cosmetics and power-ups to customize the gameplay
  • Play for fun or advance through the levels of online competitions

SolForge Fusion’s demo is currently accessible on Steam. On April 16, 2024, the game will be available in Early Access.

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