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STARBORNE: FRONTIERS Tactical Sci-Fi Game Launches for PC

STARBORNE: FRONTIERS Tactical Sci-Fi Game Launches for PC

Solid Clouds recently commemorated the launch of Starborne: Frontiers, their tactical sci-fi game, worldwide. With 10,000 alliances formed and 100,000 downloads, Starborne: Frontiers is expected to keep growing in popularity. And now, by downloading the PC version of the game straight from the official website, PC gamers can finally get in on the action and explore the ever-expanding universe of Starborne.

It’s a game that has been polished to perfection for new players. Throughout its soft launch, Starborne: Frontiers has seen a number of improvements that have all been impacted by player feedback. The release of the Abyss and much-anticipated holiday activities were additions.

The largest game mode to date, The Abyss, offers players the freedom to explore a non-linear landscape and finish encounters at their own pace. Gamers that follow the standard route are rewarded with in-game items to facilitate their intergalactic travels. They might even be required to make tough decisions about commands that affect their incentives.

Check out the STARBORNE: FRONTIERS Global Launch Trailer

The greatest enigma surrounding the Abyss is its quantity of precious resources, as well as the mystery surrounding the Harvesters that defend its depths and their zombie-like minions. It appears out of nowhere and its source is a mystery. Before being transported to the center of the Abyss to save the galaxy, players can learn its secrets during the main campaign.

Starborne: Frontiers Key Features:

  • Tactical gameplay -Build the greatest fleet possible to rule the battlefield with an infinite number of formation options. Make intelligent squad selections to take down bosses with special abilities.
  • More than 100 ships to gather -Learn about their special skills and the various backstories of the captains.
  • Deep customization -Utilize a variety of upgrades to take your ships to new heights, including refits, skill levels, and unit promotion. To outfit your units, pick from over a thousand different gear components. Combine shields, weaponry, and other components to build the galaxy’s most powerful ships.

Download Starborne: Frontiers today via, Google Play, and App Store.

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