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The Outlast Trials Review for PlayStation 5

“Outlast” has been a horror game series that’s been on my mind for the last 10 years. I remember back in 2013 when the first game released on PlayStation Plus and extremely surprised at how great this first-person survival game was, it was horrific and full of dread, as well as free for a limited time, so the price of admission was hard to resist. Four years later with “Outlast 2,” while similar in gameplay, the atmosphere and story were different enough to stand up on its own. Now we have “The Outlast Trials,” a game long in development and was even playable in early access for about a year has officially been released in all its multiplayer gory glory.

The Outlast Trials Review for PlayStation 5

Set within the universe of the other Outlast games, this one unfolds in the year 1959, amidst the chilling backdrop of the Cold War era. You assume the roles of test subjects, dubbed Reagents, who have been forcibly abducted by the sinister Murkoff Corporation. Confined within a clandestine Murkoff facility consisting of numerous warehouses linked by subterranean passages, you’ll find yourself thrust into a harrowing gauntlet of physical and psychological trials. Tormented by iconic adversaries, you’re going to have to navigate these challenges alone or in groups played by other players online, all while you strive to preserve your sanity amidst the relentless onslaught. Within the warehouses, Murkoff has meticulously constructed lifelike replicas of real-world environments on an imposing scale. In the intervals between trials, Reagents are returned to the Sleep Room, where Murkoff administers care. Here, you can engage with Murkoff personnel to procure essential items for your next forthcoming trial.

Within “The Outlast Trials,” trials serve as pivotal missions wherein Reagents must fulfill objectives to earn rewards and advance closer to their coveted “rebirth.” These trials can be undertaken individually or as stated earlier in tandem with a group of up to four other Reagents. As you navigate through these daunting tasks, you really do need to rely on teamwork, strategy, and resourcefulness to overcome the myriad challenges that are thrown your way. There are a total of five trials and five maps currently. The trails are called “Program X: Path to Ascension,” “Program Ultra: Path to Hell,” “Program Geister,” “Weekly Therapy,” and “Winter Kills.” All of these trials are incredibly tense and stressful, as well as gory. The overall vibe of this game really leans into “Saw” territory, as some of these traps and horrific things you may be compelled to do feel like something Jigsaw came up with. Just when I thought I was getting used to all the gore, there is more under its sleeve and I find something more horrific and grotesque thrown my way.

There can be a lot of trial and error when playing this game, but after a while you’ll start to figure out where certain items are and specific hiding areas that will work best for you to succeed. The developers at Red Barrels have really set up a strong foundation with this ongoing game, I really hope they continue to support it and iron things out. While the mechanics don’t always feel balanced or fair, my gripes with this title were fairly minimal. If you enjoy horror games and don’t mind excessive gore, this is a pretty well written dread-filled experience.


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