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The Quest: Rise of Emodo – Kickstarter Needs Just $300

Yesterday we reported about ‘The Quest: Rise of Emodo’ Kickstarter effort to fund their project.

Thanks to the backers, the developer, Complete Earth, is just a little less than $300 short to complete their goal in about 49 hours.

Check out the game and help them make their goal by pledging on Kickstarter. There are currently 49 hours left to go with 175 backers at $35,757 out of $36,000.

Developer notes:

‘Complete Earth LLC have put the Team together, some well known names like Alex Ruiz who has previously worked on Avatar, Aliens, Eragon, Halo 3, Family Guy and the Simpsons. Jason Godbey has worked on environment design for God of War: Ghosts of Sparta. Voices are coming from Lili Wexu and Naomi Mercer, Lili has worked on a couple of Assassin’s Creed games and Naomi has voiced in Mass Effect 2. Narrative is from Jon Mohr and music from Vlado Hudec . The map maker Jonathan Roberts has released his work for After Earth, the new movie coming out on May 31st starring Jaden & Will Smith and developed the ‘ Game of Thrones’ maps for George RR Martin, together with Tad Davies who is designing the space-based views of Emodo. Our concept artist is Andrea Pua, student of the legendary Feng Zhu.’

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