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Tokyo Game Show 2023: 505 Games TGS Showcase Debuts this Thursday, Sept. 21

Leading video game publisher 505 Games continues its support of live events with a showfloor presence for Nivalis at its own dedicated booth. 505 Games will also host an online showcase at this year’s Tokyo Game Show, one of Asia’s largest and most influential video game shows. 505 Games is thrilled to announce that its Tokyo Game Show digital showcase will go live on September 21st at 3am PST, with special guests from Rabbit & Bear, the Eiyuden developers, and ION LANDS, makers of Nivalis. The games appearing at the physical event are…

Tokyo Game Show 2023: 505 Games TGS Showcase Debuts this Thursday, Sept. 21

Recently revealed at the Sony ‘State of Play’ Showcase, Ghostrunner 2, the stunning first-person cyberpunk-action thriller developed by One More Level, will be available worldwide on Thursday, October 26 on PlayStation 5Xbox Series X|SSteam,Epic and GOG with 48 hours of early access for those who purchase the Brutal Edition.

Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes, the massively anticipated JRPG and #1 funded Kickstarter video game of 2020, comes to PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, SteamEPIC Games Store, and GOG on April 23rd, 2024. With the release date and key art shown at Nintendo Direct showcase, Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes is from the creator of the classic JRPG series Suikoden, assemble a party with more than a hundred characters to choose from to engage in a one-of-a-kind battle system.

Nivalis, the cyberpunk simulation lovingly crafted with a breathtaking blend of detailed voxel environments and stylized 3D characters. For the first time, Nivalis will be playable at the dedicated Nivalis booth (Hall 7, booth 07-N04), allowing TGS visitors hands on with the wonderful neon-bathed world that’s begging to be explored. Coming 2024 to Steam and Epic Games Store.

The Magical Mixture Mill, the wonderfully cozy automated potion brewing game from 505 Games’ sister company HOOK and developer Glowlight, cooks up a latest trailer for all gamers who will be watching our 505 Games digital showcase on Sep 21st.

Crime Boss: Rockay City, the Organized Crime shooter combining action set-pieces, turf wars, and over-the-top call-backs to 90’s crime movies! The first Expansion Pack, Dragon’s Gold Cup released just a week ago as well as the free Update 4 which includes more quality of life improvements.

Watch 505 Games’ TGS 2023 Upcoming New Titles digital showcase on Sep 21st 19.00 JST on the following platforms, live streamed in English on the following channels:

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