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TOKYO GAME SHOW: 8 Finalists Selected for Sense of Wonder Night

TOKYO GAME SHOW: 8 Finalists Selected for Sense of Wonder Night

Computer Entertainment Supplier’s Association has decided on eight finalists for the pitch contest “SENSE OF WONDER NIGHT 2021 (SOWN2021)” for indie game developers to be held at TOKYO GAME SHOW 2021 ONLINE (September 30 – October 3 / “TGS2021 ONLINE”), and was announced on the official website.

SOWN2021 throws spotlights on game developers to draw wellspring of ideas which may stir the static concept of the game. In other words, SOWN2021 will find out the game ideas causing “SENSE OF WONDER”. To make such unique ideas widely known, SOWN would provide a presentation opportunity for indie game developers with unique ideas at TOKYO GAME SHOW. SOWN2021 commemorates the 14th anniversary with internationally increasing applications.

From the 80 works of the TGS2021 ONLINE indie game “Selected Exhibit,” the judges selected 8 finalists who will advance to the SOWN2021. Two works from Japan, two works from Israel, and one work each from Belgium, Canada, India, and the Netherlands were selected. These projects are co-sponsored by Sony Interactive Entertainment
(SIE) and Nintendo.

Aim and Outline of Indie Game “Selected Exhibit” and SOWN Indie games are gaining momentum around the world and new hit titles come out one after another. Indie Game “Selected Exhibit” and SENSE OF WONDER NIGHT (SOWN) are the projects to provide a platform for spotlighting on talented indie game developers and finding out unique
game ideas that will catch people by surprise and give them a “Sense of Wonder”―a feeling that something will change in their world, right at the instant of first seeing or hearing about the concept.

With the sponsorship of SIE and Nintendo, TGS2021 ONLINE will continue to provide an opportunity for indie game developers to announce and introduce their new game titles and services online. The project received applications from a total of 286 titles from 50 countries and regions, and 80 titles are chosen after screening for the free
exhibition scheme “Selected Exhibit”. Indie game developers from around the world will showcase their original game titles on TGS2021 ONLINE. The eight titles nominated from “Selected Exhibit” will participate in the pitch contest SOWN2021 where developers will present their innovative game ideas.

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TOKYO GAME SHOW: 8 Finalists Selected for Sense of Wonder Night
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