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VALORANT Reveals the Primordium Collection Launching with Episode 8 Act II

Riot Games and VALORANT today revealed the Primordium Collection, a skinline inspired by ancient beings of lava and bedlam. Featuring a lava thematic that flows with growing intensity the more a player fires and when the weapon is cooling down in between, this skinline will also introduce a new dual sword melee archetype with brand new unique attack, running, and equip animations – the Blades of Primordia.

VALORANT Reveals the Primordium Collection Launching with Episode 8 Act II

The Primordium Collection will feature a finisher Easter egg that transports players to another world per finisher variant, as well as custom firing sounds. Weapons included in the Primordium Collection are the Vandal, Phantom, Spectre, Shorty and new dual swords. Episode 8 Act II also introduces an all new Battle Pass, featuring items like the Retrowave Sheriff, Shellspire Sword and Sending Love Spray.

Additionally, to commemorate the VCT 2024 season, Riot Games has crafted team-specific capsules, each tailored to represent the unique identity of participating VCT teams. Players can purchase Capsules in VALORANT via the brand new in-game Esports Store, available throughout the VCT season.

Episode 8 Act II begins March 5, 2024.

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