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VERY VERY VALET Outrageous Couch Co-op Heading to Nintendo Switch Retail this May

The physical edition of Very Very Valet comes with a retail exclusive valet; pre-orders are now open at all major retailers


From videogame publisher Nighthawk Interactive and developer Toyful Games, Very Very Valet brings up to four players together to take control of a chaotic valet station. Players must team up to grapple with a severe parking shortage and its ensuing chaos. Pre-orders are now open at major retailers including Target, GameStop, Amazon, Walmart, and Best Buy. All physical versions will include the added bonus of an exclusive playable Valet.

Co-op gaming fans will experience an all-new quest as one to four players take control of an “elite” team of puppet valets, working together to overcome any and all valet-related challenges. Teams will need to get creative and utilize a “just park it anywhere” mentality to save the world from a severe parking crisis.

VERY VERY VALET Outrageous Couch Co-op Heading to Nintendo Switch Retail this May

The frenzied gameplay in Very Very Valet includes:

  • Madcap Couch Co-op – Valet alone or with up to three other players to solve a severe parking shortage. Help each other and hitch a ride, or cause chaos launching fellow valets wildly – player’s choice.
  • No License Required – Accessible driving controls allow anyone to quickly become a valet, with plenty of hidden techniques for mastering valet moves and cornering the market.
  • The World is Your Parking Lot – Players can show off their car corralling skills in over 20 unique levels spanning locations and scenarios such as city streets, cliffsides, bowling alleys, airports and even trainyards.
  • Become Very Very Valet – When joining this elite squad, players are ready to accept the challenge and navigate through any parking obstacles that get in their way.
  • Physical Exclusive – Each Retail package will include an exclusive playable Valet.

Very Very Valet will be available for Nintendo Switch at U.S. retailers for $29.99 May 25. The game has not yet been rated.

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