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Wimasima Unveils its First Game, Block’Em!

The Swedish indie video game studio Wimasima is proud to announce their very first game, Block’Em! After announcing joining the ranks of the Aurora Punks collective last month, Wimasima could not wait any longer to share with frantic party games fans their first kick-ass project planned for a 2022 release on PC and consoles.

Block’Em! is an action-filled block-building party game for 2 to 4 players. The controls are simple but the road to victory is complex: be the first to reach the goal or be the last one standing! Block’Em! mixes platforming and puzzles in the most exciting way.

Winston Spångberg, Wimasima co-founder shares,

“We started creating Block’Em! as a school project late last year. After winning all the prizes we could win in the school competition, we wanted to share the gaming experience to a broader audience. Block’Em! is about immediate fun for all ages, both at home and at a party. We want to invoke a feeling of joy and excitement by adding retro-inspired controls that are easy to learn yet hard to master into a modern multiplayer platform, and our hope is that players will feel encompassed in our vision!”

Wimasima Unveils its First Game, Block'Em!

About Block’Em!

  • Build, jump and push your way to victory!
  • Undo each other’s progress!
  • Up to 4 players in local and online multiplayer!
  • Play with friends, challenge your partner or duke it out within the family! 

You can now add the game to your wishlist via Steam

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