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With My Past Review for Steam

With My Past Review for Steam

With My Past, developed by Imagine Wings Studio and published by Edigger, is a pixel-art puzzle platformer that leaves a lasting impression. This debut title is a gorgeous blend of story and gameplay, offering a profound exploration of personal growth and self-acceptance.

With My Past Review for Steam

With My Past Story

With My Past Review for Steam

The game begins with an unnamed blue-haired girl who is awakened by her “past” at 3:00 a.m. Sitting and crying in bed, the girl is sucked into her thoughts, replaying past events and spiraling downwards on a  journey through her mind.

With My Past Review for Steam

The game has six chapters, each presenting unique gameplay mechanics, which continue to build and support the story. The central mechanic involves two versions of the unnamed girl: one “Present-Self,” controlled in real-time, and another, “Past Self,” that mimics players’ actions two seconds later. This play style is challenging but effective; it perfectly encapsulates the feeling of being “chased” by your past and constantly having to consider how your past will directly affect your present and future.


The dual-character mechanic is unlike anything I’ve encountered before. It’s a brilliant metaphor for carrying your past with you, as in the game, your past self can either help you (by being a platform you can jump on) or hinder you (by closing the door you need open). This Past/Present dynamic becomes more complex and engaging as new game mechanics are introduced with each level. These elements continuously evolve, but the developers do a great job of introducing new elements slowly and naturally so that by the end of the game, players will have mastered the game’s unique play style with minimal frustration.

With My Past Review for Steam

Sound plays a critical role in With My Past, and the soundtrack is nothing short of exceptional. Despite my habit of playing games with low volume while listening to podcasts, I found myself captivated by the music here. The score speaks volumes in the absence of dialogue, enhancing the emotional depth of the game. The sound effects, particularly the sound of “breaking down,” barriers, add to the overall experience.

With My Past Review for Steam



With My Past is deeply introspective and exactly what I was in the mood for.

As someone happily and actively in therapy, I found the themes of self-discovery and coping with past regrets meaningful. With My Past is as much a meditative experience as a game, and navigating through the character’s past provides a therapeutic experience that goes beyond traditional gameplay.

While I haven’t reached the end yet, I am fully sold on the journey. The game’s ability to weave a personal and emotional story, combined with its mechanics is a testament to Imagine Wings Studio’s storytelling prowess.

With My Past is available for PC via Steam.

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