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Albion Online Releasing “Paths to Glory” Update on July 22

Paths to Glory, a significant upcoming update, has been revealed for Sandbox Interactive’s fantasy sandbox MMORPG, Albion Online. Launching on July 22, Paths to Glory features a totally new achievement system called the Albion Journal in addition to many other features.

Albion Online Releasing “Paths to Glory” Update on July 22

Albion Online Paths to Glory Update Key Features:

  • Every stage of the game has missions set by The Albion Journal, which offers worthwhile rewards
  • Exclusive vanity goods for every gaming category are included in the Albion Journal Rewards, and their rarity and value increase as you advance.
  • Guild Seasons offer three new Crystal Weapons with special spells that can be obtained
  • Updated Avalon roads and a new Dynamic Spawn Rates system for resources, treasures, and monsters
  • Guild Islands has been redesigned with breathtaking new graphics…and more

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