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BLUE ARCHIVE Brings a Motley Crew of New Students with High-Speed Event Story “Trip-Trap-Train”

The well-known tactical role-playing game Blue Archive is arriving with a fast-paced event narrative called “Trip-Trap-Train,” a diverse group of fresh recruits, and the reappearance of other indispensable characters. Inside the cramped quarters of a speeding train, players, Sensei, and newcomer Ichika try to seize a relic that could have enormous political implications for the Tea Party—the Student Council of Trinity General School. The two find themselves in direct conflict with Kasumi, a wanted criminal, with no way out.

The core of this role-playing game from NEXON Korea Corp. is strategic combat with endearing, likable characters. As they organize a veritable army of oddball students to fight against numerous strange powers threatening the academy city of Kivotos, players assume the position of Sensei. New students will join the ranks during recruitment, events, and main plot updates, providing a blend of real-time action and tactical planning with a lighthearted, emotional core for players to get to know and recruit for combat.

You can check out the Blue Archive Trip-Trap-Train trailer HERE

BLUE ARCHIVE Brings a Motley Crew of New Students with High-Speed Event Story "Trip-Trap-Train"

Players will encounter Ichika, a laid-back student, and Kasumi, a naughty student, in “Trip-Trap-Train,” two new Sonic-type students. Ichika, a member of the Justice Task Force at Trinity General School, is a formidable opponent despite her composed demeanor. Her EX Skill “I Have a Request” allows her to deal ATK-scaling damage to opponents in a fan-shaped area. Kasumi is a pupil in the Hot Springs Department of Gehenna Academy. She uses her EX Skill “Giant Heel Crush” to deal ATK-scaling damage in a circular area while also reducing enemy defense for 25 seconds.

Joining the thrilling, action-packed adventure will also allow players to:

  • Character Recruitment: Akko and Iori Return – Favorites among fans Returning for more adventure and fighting are Akko and Iori. Now, players can assemble these vital pupils into their teams and utilize their special skills.
  • Guide Task “3 Days/Week Workplace Improvement Mission” – Players can accomplish a variety of tasks in this now-eternal daily mission event to win precious currency like Pyroxene.
  • Enhanced Content for Growth – The dungeon-style content Commissions now has a M difficulty level, and Lessons now features the new Shanhaijing Main Special Zone section where players can engage with pupils.
  • Bountiful Rewards – By finishing the plot and associated objectives, players can earn event points, Train Tickets, and Document Bags. Deploying students from the Justice Task Force, Hot Springs Department, Prefect Team, or Tea Party can earn additional goodies. Event currency can be exchanged for a variety of goods, including Superior Tactical Training Blu-Rays (Gehenna), Superior Tech Notes (Gehenna), and the Field Day Ref Bench, an adorable interactive piece of furniture ideal for Ichika’s area. Event points can also be exchanged in the Event Shop for Credits.

You can download Blue Archive for free via Google Play, App Store and Galaxy Store.

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