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Reverse: 1999 V1.4 Phase Two of THE PRISONER IN THE CAVE Now Available

Bluepoch Games has announced that the free update “The Prisoner in the Cave” for Reverse: 1999, which has an Ancient Greece theme, is now available for download on PC, Google Play, and the App Store. Version 1.4 Phase Two features a new playable arcanist named 6 who is a solitary Apeiron leader who is determined to find the truth for his people, even if it means sacrificing his prestige. Additional features include sign-in rewards, a new UTTU Flash Gathering called “Wandering on the Shore,” and a number of new events.

Check out the new Reverse: 1999 “The Imperfect One” Trailer:

The first new chapter in the game’s main plot is introduced in Reverse: 1999’s eagerly awaited Version 1.4 update. Along with Timekeeper Vertin and his arcanist allies Sonetto, Regulus, and Liliya, players travel to an uncharted island spared from the effects of the “Storm” and come face to face with Manus Vindictae, a cunning gang of rebel arcanists. Phase Two will run from now until April 17th.

Since its release in October of last year, Reverse: 1999 has continued to top the App Store and Google Play charts in dozens of different nations. Enjoyed by more than 19.99 million players worldwide, the sensation is set in an alternate reality where the twentieth century is turned around on the eve of the new millennium because of an enigmatic “Storm.”

Reverse: 1999 V1.4 Phase Two of THE PRISONER IN THE CAVE Now Available

Features of Reverse: 1999 Version 1.4 Phase Two additionally comprise:

  • New 6-Star Arcanist, 6:
    • With the banner “Seeker in the Cave,” players can now call out the stoic 6-star arcanist 6.
    • Every new Apeiron leader has been inherited with the title of 6 from previous generations. The number represents harmony and perfection. It is only deserving of people who meet the high standards for exceptional leadership on the island. His mission and fate cannot be overcome by the new 6. That won’t, however, deter him from investigating the reality of everlasting bliss.
  • “Treasure in the Suitcase II” New Sign-In Event

    • To get up to 10 Unilogs, sign in for ten days.
  • “Wandering on the Shore” New UTTU Flash Gathering

    • To get La Source’s new clothing for free, gather FAME cards.
  • “Trudge in the Long Night” 6’s Character Story
    • Challenge destiny with 6 and finish his tale to obtain development resources, Clear Drops, and further benefits.
  • Brand New Event: “Sealed Records”

    • Help a young potter and their monitor assistant open hidden files so they can obtain Clear Drops and growing ingredients.
  • New Type of “Anecdote” Gameplay
    • Explore Oliver Fog’s past in greater detail starting on April 1.

Reverse: 1999 V1.4 Phase Two of THE PRISONER IN THE CAVE Now Available

Download Reverse: 1999 via the App Store, Google Play, and PC.

For more details, head over to Discord and follow on X / Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and official website.

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