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Buckshot Roulette Review for Steam

What is the most you are willing to risk for $70,000? I used to think my 9-to-5 prepared me for that answer, but today I signed a waiver to allow a stranger to wave a shotgun in my face with a 50/50 chance of it blowing up in my face! Buckshot Roulette is a surprisingly addictive gambling game.

There is not much to say. We wake up in a dirty bathroom at the top floor of an industrial style building or tenement hall. The graffiti on the wall asks us if we are afraid, but offers some comfort in a bottle of suspicious looking pills. Naturally, we kick open the door and behold what I can best describe as a rager on the ground floor. We kick open the next door and the night is only getting started.

Buckshot Roulette Review for Steam

A monstrous face emerges from the darkness; he knows why we’re here. Cold cash. Not enough for a year’s worth of rent, but it’s cash. We sign a waiver and get to business. We take turns with the dealer deciding whether to take a shot at our opponent or to pull the trigger on ourselves. If we receive a blank when drawing on ourselves, we get to make another move without passing the shotgun.

The number of hit points vary from round to round, but things can change quickly. We are allowed to pull items from a mystery box that can turn the tide of the game. A magnifying glass allows us to see the current round in the shotgun. An inverter can change whether the current round is a dud or not. Adrenaline allows you to steal one of your opponent’s items. A cellphone tells you the future of one of the next rounds in the shotgun.

You can assemble a widow-maker just by chance. I have had the pleasure of using the adrenaline to steal a magnifying glass, knowing it was a live round, and then taking the saw to take off the end of the shotgun. I won the round handily. But remember, this can happen to you just as easily.

You will need to ask yourself how many times are you going to double-or-nothing. You will increase your score and your winnings. As far as I know, you can’t actually use your winnings for anything. The best case is nabbing all the steam achievements, and a close second is bragging rights on the leaderboard.

All in all, this is a good, albeit creepy, game of roulette. I found myself getting addicted to playing enough to get through my first double-or-nothing. This title would be even better if there was a multiplayer option. There is plenty of replay available here. I think this title deserves a 9/10 rating. I double checked on the Steam Store; this title is $3, which is super fair for what you get.

Buckshot Roulette is available for PC via Steam.

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