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Phantom Fury Action-Packed FPS Launches for PC via Steam

Phantom Fury, a first-person shooter created by Slipgate Ironworks and published by 3D Realms, is a road movie-inspired game that debuts on PC via Steam today, starring Ion Fury as Shelly “Bombshell” Harrison. On May 30 of this year, Phantom Fury is anticipated to release on PS4|5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

Phantom Fury Action-Packed FPS Launches for PC via Steam

Take a wild road journey throughout the United States and run through the streets of Chicago or kick up dust in Albuquerque. With over 20 weaponry at your disposal, you can take out waves of approaching foes in flair. Reminiscent themes combined with fast-paced gameplay make for an exciting first-person shooter experience.

A variety of combat skills and improvements are available to Shelly thanks to her bionic arm, which inspires her to think outside the box when facing off against terrifying cyborgs, hideous mutants, and super-enhanced troops. To avoid injury, raise an unbreakable barrier, or use a shock-inducing melee assault to stun opponents. Shelly has the ability to switch between a variety of formidable weaponry in addition to her bionic arm, such as Motherflafkker shotgun and Ion Fury’s beloved Loverboy Revolver.

Take part in action-packed scenes that will make your heart race. In high-stakes helicopter showdowns, soar through the air, dousing enemies with bombs while dodging lethal fire. Defeat ferocious bosses and make every effort to get to the Demon Core. Keep the hazardous item out of the hands of the adversary to avert a catastrophic event.

Frederik Schreiber, CEO of 3D Realms said, “We thank the fans for waiting patiently as Shelly returns for the next chapter of her action-packed journey. Following the positive reception from our presence at PAX East, we’re eager to share Phantom Fury’s madcap mayhem with players worldwide.”

Check out the Phantom Fury PC launch trailer:

Phantom Fury is now available for $24.99, with a 10% launch discount throughout the first week for PC via Steam with console versions coming later in 2025.

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